Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Expensive?

Is Going Zero Waste Expensive? ( The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide)

You would think that 60 years of recycling would have taught us the need for going zero waste.  For all the applause that community recycling has received, it is far from its intended mark.  The volume of municipal waste has proven to be rising faster than the rate of recycling participation.  Talking the talk and […]

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Zero Waste Apps

Zero Waste Apps: (10 Helpful Apps to Streamline Your Life)

Did you know there are Apps for a zero-waste lifestyle? Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and there are plenty of apps that can help you live a more sustainable life.  From helping you get rid of plastic products and junk mail to reducing food waste and tackling your carbon footprint, there’s an app for everything […]

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How To Go Zero Waste With A Dog

How To Go Zero Waste With A Dog ( Detailed Action Plan Included)

How to go zero waste with a dog is probably something you’ve spent a good few hours considering if you’re planet-conscious and you also have a four-legged friend.  Dogs (and most other pets) generate a lot of waste, and it can be tricky to stomach that if you’re an animal lover who wants the best […]

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How To Zero Waste With A Bab

How To Zero Waste With A Baby ( Sustainable Product Suggestions Included)

Many of us are looking to turn toward zero-waste lifestyles and cut back on our impact on the planet.  whether that’s for the sake of the animals, the sake of ourselves, or the sake of future generations – or all of those things! There’s growing awareness of the environmental problems we face, and if you’ve […]

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Zero Waste Good For The Environment

Is Zero Waste Good For The Environment

Zero Waste is a strategy that began in 2002, with foundations as far back as 1996, by doctors, scientists, and policy experts.  They created this in an attempt to help deal with waste management problems and reduce carbon footprints. Adverse impacts to the environment created by trash is astounding, contributing to dangerous CO2 emissions and […]

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Pros And Cons Of Zero-Waste

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Zero-Waste

I remember when I first learned about the zero-waste lifestyle.  I was pretty excited about how it can help make the world a better place by reducing the number of gathered waste.  Fast forward to my in-depth research on the topic; I found out that there are some disadvantages to practicing this lifestyle habit even […]

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Zero-Waste Vs. Minimalism

Zero-Waste Vs. Minimalism (What Are The Differences)

I understand what you might be thinking; the confusion between both terminologies is on the high side.  Generally, you can use both words interchangeably, but they are two different concepts. For instance, minimalism is more like a broader concept guiding a lifestyle.  In contrast, I will classify zero-waste as a target or an end-state type […]

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Does Zero Waste Make a Difference?

Does Zero Waste Make a Difference? Things You Need to Know

The “zero waste” lifestyle is becoming more popular all the time, but what exactly do people mean when they say “zero waste”?  Is it really possible to waste nothing? While it can sound like something out of a science fiction novel, the truth is that the zero-waste lifestyle is catching on, is easier than you think, […]

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Zero Waste Gardening

Zero Waste Gardening (All The Essentials Needed To Start Included)

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve all heard the phrase before, but it doesn’t just refer to recycling plastic bags and keeping a compost pile in our backyard.  Did you know that gardening can also utilize this theory and be more eco-friendly?  The truth is, keeping as many items as possible out of the landfill is a […]

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Is Zero Waste And Plastic-Free The Same Thing?

Is Zero Waste And Plastic-Free The Same Thing?

In short, no. A zero-waste lifestyle and plastic-free living are not the same things, but being plastic-free is a significant component of becoming zero waste.  Many of us work hard to reduce our impact on the environment by recycling, buying hybrid vehicles, and reducing the amount of plastic we use.  The zero-waste lifestyle has picked […]

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