Zero Waste Apps: (10 Helpful Apps to Streamline Your Life)

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  • Date: June 25, 2021
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Did you know there are Apps for a zero-waste lifestyle?

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and there are plenty of apps that can help you live a more sustainable life. 

From helping you get rid of plastic products and junk mail to reducing food waste and tackling your carbon footprint, there’s an app for everything an eco-conscious person would think of. 

It’s fantastic to experience the technology for the planet.

And while The zero-waste movement is now a real talk, this post rounds up the best zero-waste apps for sustainable living.

Why are Zero Waste Apps Worth It?

We need to drastically cut back the amount of waste entering and destroying our planet, waterways, and soil. The things you access should be of lesser waste or waste-free.

These are the best apps that ‘ll help you achieve this. The apps will

  • Make you aware of life without waste
  • Perfect tools to find eco-friendly products
  • Help you find services and businesses near you that promote waste-free life
  • You learn tips and tricks for going zero waste
  • Builds community and promotes social equality through engaging with groups

10 Best Zero Waste Apps for You

1. Share waste

Want to compost food waste, but you don’t know where to start? Share Waste could be the answer to your call. The App has the finest suggestions and recommendations for you. 

It would be commendable if you keep your food scraps and coffee grounds out of the trash bin, compost them, and turn them back into rich-nutrient soil.

Some of us live in apartments, and there’s limited space for compost. This App will show you the map and directions of your composting neighbors who may need your food waste. Download the App for free.

Things to like about this App:

  • It’s the best App for composting food waste
  • Gives you an opportunity to compost by showing you the map and areas where to do it
  • No subscription fee
  • Android and iOS support it

2. EcoCred

This App helps you track your carbon print. EcoCred is becoming pretty freaking dope in promoting sustainable living. 

It helps you track eco-habits and practices you’re yearning to participate in all day long. And eventually, you’ll earn rewards.

Consumers find it easy to see and identify actions to take so as to reduce your carbon footprint consistently. 

Things to like about this App:

  • You can create small eco-actions with a daily tracker
  • Allows you to calculate your carbon footprint on a daily basis by simply evaluating your lifestyle
  • Use it for free
  • supported by Android and iOS
  • easy to use

3. Olio

You may have gotten some leftovers in your house, but you don’t want to store or waste them. Well, Olio is the App you’re looking for as it helps you share them.  

The App connects you with your neighbors. So, you can share food and other things rather than disposing of them in landfills. 

You only need to snap an image of the leftovers using your cellphone, choose a pickup location near you and share it with those who are willing.   

Things to like about this App:

  • Helps you and your business become zero waste
  • You can share and distribute surplus food
  • You can browse the listing to monitor what others are sharing
  • Easy to use, and chose the pickup location
  • Allows subscribers to send friendly requests for easy logistics

4. iRecycle

iRecycle App makes recycling super easy. Most people are at the crossroads wondering how to recycle old things like used containers or burned-out light candles. iRecycle is the solution.

The App helps you figure out different recycling centers and choose the ones in your neighborhood. This makes your zero-waste goals even more achievable and simple.

From car batteries and electronics to mattresses and computers, iRecycle will propose for you the best local spots to recycle.

Things to like about this App:

  • Daily eco-focused guides on how to curb waste
  • Helps you to reduce waste
  • Easy to install and use
  • It’s free
  • Supported by iOS and Android

5. Flashflood

As a savvy shopper, you can save money on your groceries. Flashflood free app gives you a chance to find discounted food items right from your home comfort. 

If you live in the US or Canada, this App connects you with grocery stores where you can get food that’s about to go to waste. The App’s interface shows everything available at each store, and through the App, you can choose the pick up centers.

Flashflood is of great importance as it makes sure you use food instead of ending up in landfills.

Things to like about this App:

  • You can purchase through the App and choose the pickup point
  • Discourages disposing of food waste into landfills
  • You can select food items at a discount
  • You access eco-grocery stores at ease
  • Use any major visa debit card and credit card to pay food items right in the App.

6. Zero Waste Collective

Zero-waste life is all about reducing, refusing, recycling, reusing, and composting. This App is fairly new and can help you locate your nearest shop at ease.

It’s a free app that helps you refuse, reduce and reuse. It will keep you up to date with shops, events and most importantly, it will map the nearest beach clean for you.

You’ll find the App on Google App Store or Google Play via your Android phone. Let’s keep our planet clean!

Things to like about this App:

  • It helps you locate zero waste shops
  • It’s a free app
  • Updates you on zero-waste events
  • You learn tricks for plastic-free life

7. FoodCloud

You want to compost food scraps, but you can’t access a compost bin? Worry no more; ShareWaste can help. It’s a new app that walks you through nearby composts. 

It also guides you on the process followed to drop off food scraps there. To start off, choose whether you’re a host or a donor. 

Donors offer kitchen scraps, and then hosts will recycle the scraps. Browse the map to find out where the hosts are located.

Things to like about this App:

  • Easy to locate nearby compost drop off points using the App
  • Hosts accept other things like fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to contact the host for an efficient drop off
  • The App helps you compost and connect you to your neighbors no matter your location

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is my number one place to sell and buy second-hand clothing. It works smarter than other apps out there. Just take photos and upload them to your closet right from your smartphone.

Through the App, share your listing for shoppers to discover. The App lets you discover valuable used clothes as it’s easy to keep an eye on and follow specific brands, items, and sellers.

If you’re obsessed with thrifting, Poshmark is the best place to start promoting your reselling business. It’s a free app, yet you’ll enjoy a great experience.

Things to Like About This App:

  • Easy to search desired items by price, size, brands, and colors
  • You enjoy a discounted offer from the seller
  • Gives you notifications when the items go on clearance
  • You can ask any question regarding items, e.g., what’s the material

9.  HappyCow

It’s a special app for those who prefer plant-based meals in their kitchen. As we may know, some food waste is killing the planet. 

HappyCow simplifies the search process for veg-friendly delivery, catering, bakeries, among others. I’ve been using it, and I thought it would be better to share it with you here. 

The App comes with a small cost, but the site is 100% free. For a vegan diet, this tool will be valuable to you.

Things to like about this App:

  • Saves resources such as land, food, and water
  • Keeps you off from harming animals for food
  • Easy to filter nearby food locations 
  • Helps minimize carbon house gases and carbon emissions
  • A perfect tool for vegans

10. #Climate

If you enjoy a big following on social media over the last few years and want to make better use of it to help our environment, this App is an ideal choice for you.

#climate allows you to share valuable information regarding climate changes with your followers. Besides, it helps you engage in emerging trends in our environment, thus allowing the population to take action.

Choose environmental topics like how to use fossil fuels, animal waste, and more.

Things to like about this App:

  • You can encourage better care of the environment to the population
  • Easy to share climate news with followers
  • The curate topics and pushes notifications you can scroll through
  • You can link the App with your popular accounts like Facebook and Twitter
  • It’s an influencer

Final Thoughts

Zero-waste apps are worthwhile as far as a sustainable lifestyle is concerned. If your move is to ‘go green,’ the apps discussed above will help you with that. 

Try any app that suits your needs and join others on this zero-waste journey. That’s the way to keep things simple, healthy, positive, and easy.

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