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Are Orbeez Biodegradable?

Are Orbeez (Water Beads) Biodegradable?

Are Orbeez biodegradable? And if so, how long does it take Orbeez to biodegrade? Orbeez is a brand or trade name that identifies a certain type of expandable gel bead. How long does it take for orbeez to grow? These small pellets grow up to 100 times their original size when put in water. What […]

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Everyone Stopped Driving

What Would Happen To The Environment If Everyone Stopped Driving?

I’m always on the lookout for life without driving. I mean, we all stop using motor vehicle transportation. 

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Sustainable Fashion

Is Sustainable Fashion Profitable

Yes. It’s doable to build a sustainable, ethical and profitable fashion company, but this takes in a handful of things.

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biodegradable tissue paper

Is Tissue Paper Biodegradable?

When shopping for toiletries, you might think about the effect of these items on the environment. According to National Geographic and other studies, tissue paper is responsible for the destruction of 27,000 trees per day. With statistics like these at hand, it’s no surprise that consumers are asking more questions about where our tissue paper […]

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Does Sustainability Matter to Consumers?

Does Sustainability Matter to Consumers?

Sustainability is growing increasingly important to consumers.  In a recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group, 75% of consumers consider sustainability an important factor in their purchasing decisions.  While 73% would change how they regularly consume to offset their environmental impact. In this brief article, we’re examining the rise of sustainability as a driving force […]

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How Can I Make My School Eco Friendly

How Can I Make My School Eco Friendly – 11 Sustainability Tips

Schools are everywhere. Millions of them. And there are also millions of students from across the world.  The school authorities have several problems to solve. Unfortunately, the environment was never one.   The truth is, school authorities’ do not take environmental issues seriously.  It’s high time teachers, parents, and students understood why maintaining a good physical […]

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Is Sustainable Living Even Possible in 2021

Is Sustainable Living Even Possible in 2021? (8 Extraordinary Tips)

Sustainable living may seem simple to those raised in the 50s and 60s.  There were few choices in packaged foods, no microwaves or fast food joints, and little technology.  Imagine, though if you were born in the 80s and 90s when choices were becoming abundant and quality of time replaced quantity of time.  It was exciting to […]

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Is Honey Sustainable?

Is Honey Sustainable? (A Complete Guide buying vs making)

While the internet and physical billboards are flooded with the “save the bees” messages from environmental activists, more than ever,  there are mixed reactions about the effects of honey consumption on the environment.   Although climate changes, pesticides, and loss of habitats are the major factors behind bee endangerment, one other most-ignored factor also plays a […]

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Can You Put Chicken Bones In Compost

Can You Put Chicken Bones In Compost? (Detailed Guide)

Why add to a landfill what you can use to feed your plants? But can you really put chicken bones in compost? Find out in this article! You can put chicken bones in your compost! But you must treat them first using one of the following methods. Hot bin compost Bokashi bucket Are you ready […]

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Is Cotton Sustainable?

Is Cotton Sustainable? ( The Ultimate Guide)

Cotton is one of those resources that everyone knows about, but few people really understand.   Most of the world goes about their lives never wondering where their cotton jeans came from or if they were produced sustainably.  In the world we live in today, with global warming and increasingly scarce resources it is important to […]

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