Is Sustainable Development Expensive?

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  • Date: December 18, 2021
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The goal of sustainable development is to solidify a safe future for the next generation. The question is sustainable development expensive isn’t the most important question to ask; instead, we should ask if we can afford not to invest in sustainable development. 

The benefits of sustainable development will be long-term, while the cost of sustainable development will be a short-term setback. 

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is the process of developing infrastructure, businesses, products, and consumer goods in such a way that does not cause harm or threaten the possibility for future generations to reap the rewards of development. 

Furthermore, it is also development that doesn’t harm the environment and planet to the point where future generations will suffer living with pollution and lack of resources. 

While different experts will define sustainable development as different things, the consensus is that sustainable development that enhances the economy, adopts policies that are fair and ethical for all, and protects the fragile environment is the sustainable development that everyone wants to see. 

What Is The Goal Of Sustainable Development?

A lot of the resources that our world has abused for years are finite. While we have benefited from finding uses for these resources, they are dwindling, and the abuse has caused irreparable damage to our planet. 

Sustainable development is to search for new ways to build, manufacture, and consume in a way that can be sustained in the future. 

How Is The Government Helping Support Sustainable Development?

Policies and procedures vary by country, as each country’s government has their own ideas about how to practice sustainable development in their own communities. 

However, the United Nations has initiatives in place to try and regulate sustainable development in all members of the United Nations to secure a more sustainable future. 

These initiatives are called the Sustainable Development Goals, and there are 17 in place right now. The goal is to have these initiatives in place by 2030. 

Why Do Sustainable Products Cost More To Purchase?

When you invest in a sustainable product, you will most likely be paying more for it. 

For example, purchasing reusable products is going to cost you more initially than if you were to purchase disposable products, such as toiletries and household cleaners. 

When you buy a sustainable product, you are helping cover the cost for purchasing materials that are more sustainable, as well as the cost to pay fair wages and help support a safe work environment. 

It may feel expensive at first, but some sustainable products can actually help you save money in the long run. 

Reusable products, if cared for properly, will last you a long time, so you won’t have to repurchase as much as you would if you were stuck with disposable products. 

How Can I Support Sustainable Development?

Not all of us have it in our budget to convert our lives to being 100% sustainable

However, we can all make small steps towards supporting sustainable initiatives in our community. Over time, that can make a difference. 

Consider swapping some of your products every now and then to a sustainable alternative, such as reducing your plastic by going to bulk stores for your toiletries or pantry staples. 

You can also support local stores rather than big chains that exploit their workers and harm the environment during production. 

How Can Investing In Sustainable Development Pay Off In The Long-Term

There are numerous benefits to investing in sustainable development. It can be expensive initially, but the long-term benefits will not only bolster more stable economies, but it will also improve quality of life in many areas. 

If we can find ways to stop exploiting natural resources, wildlife will get their habitats back, the air can be less polluted, and farmers can maintain their land. 

Producing less waste will stop overflowing our landfills, and will produce less harmful emissions when trying to dispose of the waste. 

Investing in sustainable products that are created by businesses that pay fair wages, support safe work environments, and give back to the community will help keep these sustainable and ethical businesses running. 

This can help create stable jobs and improve work conditions. 

Why Should We Care About Sustainable Development?

While current generations may not be able to see all of the benefits of sustainable development in our lifetime, it doesn’t mean that investing in sustainable development is not worth it. 

Future generations will be more secure if we start making sustainable changes now. If things continue the way they are now, there won’t be much left for the future. 

The cost of sustainable development should not and cannot be a deterrent to investing in it. 

It would be much more expensive and would produce more of a loss to ignore what sustainable development can do for the world. 

Nothing lasts forever, as the world is learning right now. Sustainable alternatives need to be found before it’s too late. 

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