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Is Wood Biodegradable?

Is Wood Biodegradable? Here are the Facts

Nowadays, most homeowners prefer wood to other materials. And this keeps me wondering why.  Like them, I usually pick up wood for my floors, doors, and furnishing. But here’s the big question that pops up in my mind, “is wood biodegradable”? Could it be the most eco-friendly option? Probably, it is.  To clear all this confusion, and […]

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Is Human Hair Biodegradable?

Is human hair biodegradable?

When I think about waste, what comes to my mind is the things we consume.  I usually look at the packaging that I toss in the dustbin, and many.  Products that I buy. But did you know that human air is a waste material?  Surprisingly, I couldn’t agree anymore. Is human hair biodegradable? Every year, approximately […]

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Are Coffee Filters Compostable?

Are Coffee Filters Compostable? But Are They Worth the Effort?

Nothing feels better than taking a sip of coffee on those cold mornings.  For me, coffee is an everyday necessity, so a coffee maker is a perfect addition.  Considering that you’re drinking a lot of coffee in your house, you’re likely to toss plenty of filters in your trash bin. Probably you’ve never thought about […]

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Is Parchment Paper Biodegradable?

Is parchment Paper (Baking Paper) Biodegradable?

Everyone is looking toward living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  It starts with me – not far away but in my kitchen.  As we possibly know, kitchen papers are the cook’s best friend. And parchment paper isn’t an exception.  Presumably, you use parchment paper to line cake molds, wrap fish or make no-knead in a microwave […]

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Is Wax Biodegradable?

Is Wax Biodegradable? Surprising Facts You Should Know

It’s pretty amazing to see consumers getting more and more conscious these days.  The vast majority do prefer using biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products in their homes.  Now that wax is on-trend right now, the big question is, “is wax biodegradable?” Waxes are available in many varieties. Notably, they come from varying sources, including plant, […]

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Sustainability VS. Eco Friendly

Sustainability VS. Eco friendly (What is the Difference)

It’s a habit for people, especially marketers, to consistently interchange the terms sustainability and eco-friendly.  Not unusual, you’ll come across them on labels for everything from sheet sets and pizza cartons to plastic bags. You won’t be wrong to throw both terms around as they all focus on environmental awareness and social responsibility.  Although consumers often use […]

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eco friendly packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging Materials for Food (Compostable & Biodegradable)

Sustainable food packaging is an essential way of addressing environmental footprint on the international scene. Nowadays, businesses are improvising with new tactics of designing environmentally preferable materials for food packaging. It’s a nice move, to say the least! Utterly important, the use of these materials communicates the value of having a greener environment. And this […]

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Eco Friendly Airfreshners

Top Eco Friendly Airfreshners for Your Home (9 Affordable Options)

Let’s admit it! Nobody loves unpleasant odors.  Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or store, a stale smell is irritating and hard to cope with.  After all, the vast majority would praise their homes if everything smells like a bouquet of roses. When air isn’t fresh, the chances are that you’re breathing trace elements that […]

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Can I Put Biodegradable Wipes In Compost?

Can I Put Biodegradable Wipes in Compost? (All You Need to Know)

Most people use wet wipes to clean worktops, children, their faces, and some minor things that need cleaning at some point in their lives.  After all, they are small wet tissues; what harm can they bring?  Today, unlike so many other throwaway items we use every day, more people realize biodegradable wipes are harmful to […]

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eco friendly travel tips -2

Top 15 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips (Travel Sustainably)

Of course, everyone’s dream is to become an eco-conscious traveler. But to put that into action isn’t an easy feat, as you may think. It would make sense if you travel and but also take care of the planet. That way, you enhance living a sustainable lifestyle.  But what does eco-friendly travel mean? Most of […]

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