Are Makeup Sponges Reusable?

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  • Date: December 18, 2021
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Makeup sponges have come a long way from cheap triangle sponges. 

They are now much better at applying makeup than they used to be when used properly. 

They can seamlessly blend makeup into your skin for a much more natural look. However, you might be wondering: are makeup sponges reusable?

Are Makeup Sponges Reusable? 

Makeup sponges that exist today, such as Beauty Blenders and similar sponges, are designed to be reusable.

That being said, they need to be cleaned properly and regularly in order to be reused safely. 

It is recommended to reuse makeup sponges. 

They are too expensive to be thrown out after each use, plus that would be unnecessarily wasteful. 

As previously mentioned, they need to be cleaned well to be reused. 

Makeup sponges will not last forever, though, especially if you use them daily. 

You want to throw them away if you see stains that cannot be removed by a thorough clean. 

You also shouldn’t continue using it if you notice any cracks or holes. 

This is because you won’t be able to clean inside those holes well enough and thus, bacteria can grow inside of them.

Are Makeup Sponges Sanitary?

Depending on what makeup artist you ask, you’re going to hear a lot of different reasons why they prefer or don’t prefer makeup sponges. 

They are effective at putting on foundation and blending in other face products. 

However, some are wary about the potential germs they could be patting onto their skin. 

They also can’t be used for as long as other methods of applying makeup, such as brushes. 

That being said, if you put in the effort to keep your makeup sponges clean, you shouldn’t have any issues if you prefer a sponge over other application methods. 

How Do You Clean Makeup Sponges Properly?

There are cleaners on the market that are made specifically to get makeup off of brushes and sponges, but they can be irritating, and an unnecessary expense. 

You can clean your makeup brushes with some mild, unscented baby shampoo or liquid dish soap. 

You’ll want to run your sponge under warm water and squeeze out the excess liquid. You’ll want to squeeze a small amount of your cleaning solution of choice into your hand and rub the sponge in it. 

You’ll want to rinse the sponge really well to make sure all of the soap residue is off of it, and the water running through it is clear. If not, you may want to repeat the process. 

Once you have thoroughly washed your makeup sponge, you will want to wrap it in a small towel and squeeze out the excess water. 

You might have to do this a few times, and then let it lay out and dry overnight. 

Can My Makeup Sponge Go In The Washing Machine?

You might be surprised to learn that you can wash your makeup sponge in a washing machine.

However, it’s not worth it unless you have a few. You will want to pack them into a lingerie bag before you put them in the washing machine. 

You’ll also want to use gentle, unscented laundry detergent. 

Another surprising way you can clean your makeup sponge is in the microwave. 

The heat will kill the bacteria that may be lingering in your sponge. After rinsing your sponge with clean water, put it in a mug with some water and dish soap. 

Microwave the cup for one minute, and then let the sponge dry thoroughly after squeezing out the excess liquid. 

How Should I Store My Makeup Sponge?

How you store your makeup sponge will ensure it dries properly after each use. 

This will help prevent it from building up bacteria and will prolong the life of your makeup sponge. 

You want to allow it to be able to breathe. There are holders you can buy for your sponge, or you can leave it in a dish. 

Are Makeup Sponges Good For Your Skin?

Makeup sponges are made with a special type of foam that allows it to handle makeup, but doesn’t allow it to trap bacteria inside of it. 

However, this foam doesn’t work effectively when it’s not cleaned well. You should clean your sponge at least once a week. 

Using a sponge that is past its prime can lead to transferring dirt and grime into your pores, which can lead to breakouts. 

An especially old or dirty sponge can cause unwanted bacteria to make its way to your skin, causing you potential skin irritations. 

Can Makeup Sponges Be Recycled Or Composted When They Are No Good?

You should dispose of your beauty sponges in the garbage when you are finished with them. 

Unless the sponge is specifically made with compostable or biodegradable materials, they cannot be reused for any other purpose once they are no longer usable. 

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