What To Do With Old Tupperware (Don’t Throw It Away)

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  • Date: August 20, 2021
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Should I throw away my old Tupperware? Tupperware is common and synonymous with plastic food containers. 

Probably you’ve old Tupperware products that you’d want to get rid of. 

But considering that Tupperware is recyclable, there are some checkpoints to evaluate.

Simply throwing away these Tupperware containers can harm the environment. 

If you want a plastic-free lifestyle, you need to know what to do with old Tupperware? 

That’s what we’re going to cover in our post today.

What To Do With Your Old Tupperware

Things have changed, and users are aware of the many risks of tossing away plastic products in the environment.  

It won’t go well, especially if you do it under extreme weather conditions.

However, there are alternative ways to make better use of old Tupperware products. 

These includes:

  • Proper Recycling. The good news is that Tupperware is recyclable. If your containers are falling apart, you can have them recycled by taking them back to the manufacturer near your city.
  • Reuse Tupperware containers. You can use plastic containers to store bolts, screws, nails, nuts, and a number of other tools. Also, use them to keep or hold some bathroom items.
  • Repurpose old plastic containers. When your Tupperware is old and in good condition, you can take it to your charity thrift store or shop.
  • Use Tupperware to hold your compost out in the garden 

By doing so, you’ll have taken it off of your hand in an eco-friendly and ethical manner. 

What You Need To Know To Recycle Your Old Tupperware

To ensure proper recycling of Tupperware, there are things that you need to get straight. 

Remember that not all recycling centers will accept all types of Tupperware items. 

First of all, check out the recycling symbol. 

It’s a tiny triangle that indicates the product is recyclable. 

You’ll find a number between 1 and 7 within this triangle.

If the number is 1 or 2, then take that product to your nearby recycling center. 

It means that this plastic is 100% recyclable.

Some manufacturers will accept number 3 and 4, the same as branded Tupperware. 

But it all depends on where you live. Some centers will find it hard and costly to recycle these products.

And keep in mind that not everybody has the facilities, equipment, and tools to get the job done. 

Many programs in the US will accept plastics with #4 and 5 without any problem.

Tupperware with the number 7 isn’t recyclable. 

Start by checking out whether your local recycling facility will accept it. 

It’s a nice move as you won’t be attempting to throw away Tupperware in trash or landfills. 

How Long Does Tupperware Last?

Tupperware has a long lifespan. 

Honestly speaking, I’ve heard of my friends who’ve had these containers for more than 20 years. 

Be that as it may, the products will lose their shape and be outdated. 

Tupperware is plastic, so it won’t break down anytime soon, making it bad for the environment if disposed of improperly. 

What To Do With Old Tupperware recycle

When is Your Tupperware Considered Old?

Due to the flexibility and convenience that Tupperware or plastic containers offer, we find ourselves using them to pack lunches and storing leftovers.

When your plastic container becomes obsolete, you’ll want to replace it. 

These are the signs that show that your Tupperware is old.  

  • When your product is older than 10 years. It should be replaced as it can leach harmful chemicals to food.
  • When the Tupperware’s lids are missing or broken. If the lid doesn’t match up with your container, make a point of replacing it. 
  • It’s stained and smells funky. Should you notice a weird odor and stains, put it in the recycling as it won’t regain its cause even if you disinfect it. 
  • Weird texture and a ton of ridges. It’s a sign that your products are deteriorating. 
  • When you don’t like it. You need to stay up to date when it comes to these storage containers. Probably, you don’t like its design, container, or shape. Just let it go. 

An old Tupperware can leach toxins to your food. 

Make sure you replace it after a few years, especially if you notice the signs discussed above.

Ways to Upcycle Repurpose and Old Tupperware

You sell your Tupperware to the recycling centers because it’s old or damaged. 

Other plastic containers with the number 7 symbol at the bottom can’t be recycled. 

An alternative way to make them work is by upcycling and repurposing the products. 

It may seem like an intimidating task, but your creativity and innovativeness can lead to good results. Here’s is how to repurpose your old Tupperware:

As plant pots and herb planters

You can use both the Tupperware container and lid as ingenious plant pots for your home plants. 

Grow flowers and other vegetables just inside or outside your house.

Other people use the containers as herb planters. 

Get some oregano seeds, cilantro seeds, small cactus, and succulents, and start growing!

Organizer box for office arts/crafts materials and supplies

Whether you want to store kneaded erasers, paper clips, or charcoal sticks, these containers will provide a solution. 

Don’t even buy multi-level organizers. Just use your creativity and create one using these plastic containers.

Compost bucket

Use them as a compost bucket at home. 

Large Tupperware can collect all the vegetable and fruit scraps from your kitchen. 

This will ease the cost of transporting them to your composter using fancy and expensive buckets.  

Use Tupperware as a cooking pot

One good thing about Tupperware is that it’s microwave-safe. 

In most cases, these Tupperware products are used to steam veggies. 

Today you can throw a Tupperware pot in your microwave and use it as a cooking pot to cook casseroles, cook cakes, and warm leftovers. 

How Long Should You Keep Plastic Tupperware?

You can hold plastic for a long time since they help store beans, keep leftovers, and dry products. 

It makes sense to keep Tupperware as long as the Tupperware is in good condition.

A good range of plastic containers can serve you 5 to 10 years if handled correctly. 

Others are designed to last for an extended period even if handled gently. 

There’s no specific time to keep these products. Just dispose of them when they lose shape, crack or have nasty stains.

What Type Of Old Tupperware Cannot Be Recycled?

Most plastics that fall in number 7 (Mobius loop aka recycling symbol) aren’t accepted by recycling programs. 

Choosing a more sustainable alternative is the best idea over anything else.


You’re now aware of what to do with your old Tupperware. 

Recycle, upcycle and repurpose – all these are greener choices that you can try out rather than burning or throwing them away in the landfills.

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