Top Eco Friendly Airfreshners for Your Home (9 Affordable Options)

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  • Date: April 25, 2021
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Let’s admit it! Nobody loves unpleasant odors. 

Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or store, a stale smell is irritating and hard to cope with. 

After all, the vast majority would praise their homes if everything smells like a bouquet of roses.

When air isn’t fresh, the chances are that you’re breathing trace elements that would affect your body and environment, too. 

I’m a big fan of zero-waste air fresheners, but I’ve tried out essential oil diffusers to freshen up my home without success.

From warm banana bread and fresh pencil shavings to fresh-cut grass, our sense of smell tends to be incredibly powerful. 

But synthetic and artificial scents and fragrances are even more powerful. So, it would help if you had a solution that offers an admirable breadth.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of top eco-friendly air fresheners for your home. 

In the end, you should be able to pick up great products that promote a healthy lifestyle and a greener environment.

Let your home smell fresh!

9 Best Eco friendly (non-toxic) Air Fresheners 

Keep in mind that not all air fresheners will suffice. 

Some may feature some harmful ingredients to the human body and the planet. 

A variety of household air fresheners contains toxic chemicals, which cause disorders like skin irritation and much more.

So, what’s the problem with artificial air fresheners? 

Although they smell nice and promising, these products come with harmful effects on our health. 

Even the environment isn’t an exception – this will shock you. 

If possible, go for traditional air fresheners. But we understand the era we’re in – everyone wants an artificial product. 

Let’s curate why you should keep away from these scented products:

  • They come with phthalates. The component is responsible for congenital disabilities, hormonal abnormalities, nausea, developmental issues, and reproductive disorders. 
  • They release volatile organic compounds. Excess toxic particles in the air can cause kidney and liver damage, respiratory irritation, cancer, and aggravate asthma.
  • If the aerosol spray is present, then propellants like propane and butane can damage your liver.

No worries, you’ve natural air fresheners with you. 

Probably you aren’t aware which one is the best amongst several options. It feels good when your living spaces smell clean and fresh.

You can make some of these products for yourself (homemade options). Others are available in online stores. 

Before we dive into our bucket list, here are the essential things to know: 

  • Air fresheners may contain synthetic fragrances. But they aren’t alone. Laundry products, cleaning products, and bathroom products do have. Think about how to capitalize all your products.
  • Nothing smells better or healthier than clean air. The fact that we rely on scented products doesn’t mean you’ve no other solutions. You can switch on the fan or open up the windows to allow fresh water to get in. 
  • Our senses are strong and very powerful. Sense of smell is typically tied to everyone’s memory. But it depends on the time and duration you’ve been using air fresheners. 

What are the best and affordable eco-friendly options?

Today, you can make your home smell great again without using any harmful chemicals. 

These hand-on-tested air fresheners are easy and straightforward to put together. At the same time, they’re pocket-friendly. 

1. PURGGO Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener

Create a pleasant air with this natural air freshener. 

While most odor eliminating bags disappoints, PURGGO scented products have been gaining traction. 

This environmentally-friendly air freshener is best for the bathroom and comes in two colors. 

The bags are available as singles or packs. Alongside that, they look gorgeous as they’re just perfect in size to fit boots, shoes, and bathrooms or hang them on cars.

PURGGO lasts longer than the competition. You can service your home with clean air for at least 1 year, meaning it’s a long-lasting investment. 

If you own a pet, buying this natural freshener is an absolute steal. 

It can get rid of smells from a pet room or little box. 

Why is the brand famous?

PURGGO Company earns an endearing and relatable story. 

It came into the limelight after fragrant ‘air fresheners’ failed to linger pet smell. 

Again, the creators thought of finding a clean solution to stale odor leads to its establishment. 

I assure you that you’ll never want artificial air freshener shortly if you use this product.

2. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Another air purifier that lives to its reputation is Moso. 

Lasting between one and two years, this brand is worth your hard-earned money. 

Moso air freshener works just like other reputable natural products.

To make better of it, leave the bag in the sun for a whole day (once a month) for around 3 hours. 

The condition keeps the charcoal activated as it absorbs all odors. This bag can cover an enormous surface area. 

Why is the brand famous?

Well, the brand enjoys a good reputation. The company’s motivation was driven by eliminating harmful chemicals found in most home air sprays. 

Its biggest mission is to make positive changes and smartly impact the environment. The air freshener continues to make inroads as the next big thing.


Are you looking for an eco-alternative to those toxin-laden air purifiers? 

BANYAN TREE is the answer. Worth mentioning, they offer both home and skincare products. 

This homemade reed diffuser is infused with 100 percent natural oils. 

It also stocks a handcrafted embossed ceramic vase that keeps away any annoying smell around your house. 

Reed diffusers perform better in small enclosed spaces. 

Perhaps you can set it in your dining, pet room, or a position near your store. 

It isn’t powerful enough to wipe away scent in large rooms. 

Why is the brand famous? 

Traditional Asian wisdom inspires the company even today. 

As a brand, it infuses this wisdom with ethical and sustainability production from sourcing to packaging. 

Put, throughout the manufacturing process.

4.Hank’s Garden Aromatherapy Mists

Essential oil fans can’t go wrong with air freshener. 

Hank’s Garden is a young yet famous company that manufactures vegan and organic earth-friendly products. 

Their spray is impressive and aims to eliminate foul odors.

While it may not mask odors, the natural air freshener is still the best. 

You can apply it after you do yoga in the evening to boost relaxation. It’s also great during mediation. 

Hank’s Garden spay contains 100 percent pure, organic essential oils. 

The product has therapeutic effects and comes with a medicinal guide. 

The air freshener comes in multiple sizes. 

So the consumers can choose the one that matches the frequency of use. 

Other great scents from Hank’s Garden are Dream and Happiness.

Why is the brand famous?

Hank’s garden mission remains a reality. 

It’s all about creating healthy and sustainable products one at a time. 

This includes offering eco-friendly packaging and ensuring their products are recyclable. 

It’s a local business that prides itself on goodies. Just check out their site for more details.

5. Grow Fragrance Air Freshener

I’ve been using Grow Fragrance Air Freshener for years now. 

Apart from its unique scents, it makes me feel luxurious. 

The top-notch quality neutralizer does wonder to keep your house free from bad odors. 

Uniquely, the company uses a myriad of essential oils to produce an awe-inspiring smell. 

And if you’re allergic to these irksome odors, you don’t want to miss out on this spray. 

It blocks odors in no time throughout the house.

The spray is safe to use on furniture, fabrics, and more. 

The good news is that it has unique packaging without forgetting its astounding smell. 

People yearning for Lavender Blossom and Citrus Cedar scents need to grab these sprays.

6. Products 4 Future Air Purifying Bags

To neutralize odor problems, you need a toxic-free air freshener. 

These natural air freshener bags offer an excellent way to tackle all odors without sacrificing exposure to allergens or toxic elements. 

These bags use bamboo-activated charcoal to absorb smells in an easily recyclable manner. 

Product 4 Future’s bags are versatile. That said, you can use them in your shoes, closet, cars, and any other area that’s prone to odors.

Experts recommend the use of charcoal air freshener in our Garden once you’re done with each bag. 

In our case, plants will love Natural Air Freshener Bags. 

You’ll get them in stylish pyramid bags and again in four different colors to choose from.


Here comes an essential oil room diffuse from PLANT THERAPY. It’s among the most favorite brands available for you. 

Moms do love them because they offer a good number of KidSafe options. 

Plus the start sets, it is pretty easy for homeowners to make informed decisions.

The company commits itself to premium sourcing and manufacturing from start to finish. 

It manages all essential oils, carrier oils, and other accessories to come up with toxic-free products.


Disinfect the air and zap bacteria at home with vinegar. It’s fun to use this natural method. 

Put water and white vinegar in an empty bottle. Spritz it into any room and freshen the air to perfection.

Alternatively, fill a bowl with vinegar. Please place it in the kitchen to neutralize ant cooking smells. As simple as that!

9. Shabby Chick All-Natural Air Freshener

Shabby Chick’s deodorizer spray is a top choice for large spaces. 

Featuring a blend of natural ingredients, this air freshener won’t harm the environment; instead, it combats bad pet odors on your carpet. 

As a company, they educate the community about harmful substances like fragrances, dyes, and polysorbate that contain carcinogens.

With fresh scents like Lavender, citrus, bamboo, and Ylang-Ylang, you can freshen the whole house. 

In your kitchen, you can eliminate cooking odors, including onions and fish. 

Users appreciate the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils during the manufacturing process. 

The ingredients are safe for even clothes, pets, and pillows.  

Zero waste air freshener ideas 

How can I make my home smell good without essential oils? Yes, it’s possible. 

Take a breath and go for a green alternative. We can try out these natural air freshener ideas. After all, you’d like a fantastic home.

Fresh air

First and foremost, think of fresh air. If practical and effective, let it be your first option. 

To breathe a new life, take action and open the windows. 

The air getting in and out through the window will bring fresh oxygen and blow away any irritating smells. 

Smell of coffee

Most people like coffee. As for me, I love that smell. 

I love inhaling that scent as I pass by cafes. It is a scent that refreshes everyone’s mind. 

Can you imagine this can be a natural air freshener idea? 

Just fill a container with coffee beans. Next, place a tea candle in the container and light it up. 

Be assured that there will be a lovely scent throughout your room. The tea light will exaggerate the smell as it continues to heat up.

Baked goods

Freshly baked goods are responsible for an enticing scent in your house. 

Of course, the cookies make everything else smell yummy. Bake some fresh cookies like a pancake, bread, and more so that you welcome a wonderful smell. Spices will also make a difference. 


Scented candles are excellent. You’ll agree with me that eco-friendly candles come in every comforting and delicious smell imaginable. 

However, not all candles will flourish in this context. Ditch those made from paraffin wax. 

The best option is non-toxic candles that are made from:

  • Soy wax candles
  • Beeswax candles
  • Palm wax candles

All these options are safer for the environment. 

They have a lovely, light honey smell when ignited in the room. With scented candles, it’s easy to freshen up the air at your home. 

Wrap Up

Fighting odors with non-toxic air fresheners is healthier for the environment and safer for people. 

You can make organic air fresheners with the ingredients you have on hand.  

They don’t cost much. Just make sure the scented product you choose contains essential oils. 

In our review, you’ve multiple options to choose from. 

The only thing remaining is to pick up the air freshener that suits your home needs. Grab it and enjoy a pleasant smell all day long! 

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