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Dispose Of Spoiled Milk

Find out how to dispose of spoiled milk in an eco-friendly manner.

Should you throw away spoiled milk? I can imagine how it feels when you open the fridge only to discover a bad smell. Maybe you wanted to grab a mug of milk for your breakfast preparation or morning coffee. That bad odor tells you that your milk has spoiled. It must have been there for […]

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recycle bubble wrap

How To Recycle Bubble Wrap?

As of now, there’s a growing concern about living in an unfriendly environment. That being the case, businesses and consumers alike are renewing their contracts and commitment to special waste disposal. Recycling is arguably the best option to think of as far as sustainable life is your thing. Studies show that recycling is a meaningful […]

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Glass Biodegradable

Is Glass biodegradable?

Do you think that Glass is biodegradable? No, Glass is not biodegradable as its breakdown process is not organic, nor is it influenced by biological elements like microorganisms that work on other biodegradable matters. Yet, Glass is degradable when acted upon by other natural elements such as human impact (through recycling), water, wind, and sometimes […]

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Glitter biodegradbale

Is Glitter Environmentally Friendly?

Glitter is a small shimmering or sparkling particle used in cosmetics, fashion, and sugar crafts. It is common in homes and usually disposed of through thorough washing, which is why it gets into the water system.  It comes from stones, mica, glass, and sometimes malachite, until recently, when modern glitters production comes from plastics and […]

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biodegradbale toilet pepar

Is Toilet Paper Biodegradable?

With the increase in awareness of the rate at which paper is causing an environmental hazard, the campaign for biodegradable paper for toiletries is now on the rise. The question “is toilet paper biodegradable”? It has opened most people’s eyes to the possibility of keeping the environment safe, but they are on the high end […]

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Zero Waste on a Budget: Save Money and The Planet

In my earliest days of zero-waste, I was convinced I had to immediately replace everything with sustainable solutions. Luckily I fell deep down the rabbit hole and quickly realized how counterproductive that would have been. I remember feeling embarrassed that I thought this was how to become zero-waste! Is a zero waste lifestyle possible? Zero-Waste […]

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Zero waste Halloween

Zero Waste Halloween: Sustainable ways to Have Fun

The holidays are times when most of us can sit back, let loose, or spend time with loved ones. It’s also usually a time when diets and good habits get thrown out of the window, and months progress, lost! Well, Zero Waste is no different. It can be hard to stick to a low waste […]

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Business Practices

10 Impactful Sustainable Business Practices That Are Beneficial To The Environment

In a modern-day world, people are looking for innovative and more impactful solutions to their problems. Instead of conventional models, Businesses are also focusing on new practical solutions. One of the trustworthy answers to their daily organizational question is the implementation of sustainability in their businesses. Sustainability allows them to have social benefits and reduce […]

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Sustainable Living

What Is Sustainable Living And Why Is It Important?

Sustainable Living is a concept that has been gaining in popularity increased over the past few years. People are becoming more aware of how their actions affect the planet and want to make changes to fix the issues they see arising.  But what does sustainability mean? And how can you incorporate sustainable Living into your […]

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Teaching Sustainably

Why Is Teaching Sustainability Important in School?

The term ‘sustainability’ has been in everyday use since the early 1980s. It emerged as part of a call by the United Nations for governments, business, science, and communities to work together to find new ways of pursuing development.  what is Sustainability & Why is it Important? Sustainability means finding ways of meeting our own […]

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