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Sustainable Fashion

Is Sustainable Fashion Profitable

Yes. It’s doable to build a sustainable, ethical and profitable fashion company, but this takes in a handful of things.

Can Shredded Paper Go in Yard Waste?

Can Shredded Paper Go in Yard Waste?

We recycle paper all the time, but what are we supposed to do with paper that we have shredded? For the longest time it has been recommended to put shredded paper into a plastic bag and place it in the recycling bin like normal.  However, that isn’t what is recommended anymore. Paper mills have made…

Zero Waste Agriculture

What is Zero Waste Agriculture?

Well, zero waste agriculture is a unique method of farming.  It involves growing crops and rearing animals that increase the usage of natural resources.  These resources may include algae, bacteria, plants, and other micro-organisms and can help produce various types of food. It’s an increasingly popular concept around the globe.  We all know that the…

Zero Waste vs. Low Impact

Zero Waste vs. Low Impact: What’s the Difference?

It’s been two years since I started my zero waste journey. When I hear people using the terms ‘Zero Waste’ and ‘Low Impact’ movement a lot these days, what comes to my mind is – that’s my ultimate goal.  Both low impact and zero waste are responsible for a healthy environment.  Each aims to reduce…

biodegradable tissue paper

Is Tissue Paper Biodegradable?

When shopping for toiletries, you might think about the effect of these items on the environment. According to National Geographic and other studies, tissue paper is responsible for the destruction of 27,000 trees per day. With statistics like these at hand, it’s no surprise that consumers are asking more questions about where our tissue paper…

Does Sustainability Matter to Consumers?

Does Sustainability Matter to Consumers?

Sustainability is growing increasingly important to consumers.  In a recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group, 75% of consumers consider sustainability an important factor in their purchasing decisions.  While 73% would change how they regularly consume to offset their environmental impact. In this brief article, we’re examining the rise of sustainability as a driving force…

Zero Waste Vs Recycling

Zero Waste Vs Recycling ( What Are The Differences)

The world is tired of waste. On average, a human being produces more than 1.63 pounds or 0.74 kg of wastes per day, tipping the global scale at 2.01 billion tons annually.  This is way more than our precious earth can hold. In the quest for finding a viable and lasting waste management solution, two…

Is Zero Waste Design Possible?

Is Zero Waste Design Possible?

Zero Waste design is gradually shifting base toward the design industry.  Let’s check out what zero waste is all about and how it influences the fashion industry.  All About Zero Waste Design By nature, fashion is accompanied by change and innovation.   But, this sector has been really lagging behind when it comes to implementing zero-waste…

Is Zero Waste Actually Sustainable?

Is Zero Waste Actually Sustainable?

A zero-waste lifestyle solves the problem of Waste going on around the world.  The end goal is to achieve zero Waste of personal living.  Zero-waste lifestyle calls for an end to beverage cups, food packaging, and disposable items.  The end goal for some people is to reduce the activity of recycling or to send items…

How Can I Make My School Eco Friendly

How Can I Make My School Eco Friendly – 11 Sustainability Tips

Schools are everywhere. Millions of them. And there are also millions of students from across the world.  The school authorities have several problems to solve. Unfortunately, the environment was never one.   The truth is, school authorities’ do not take environmental issues seriously.  It’s high time teachers, parents, and students understood why maintaining a good physical…