The Quickest & Easiest Way To Dispose A SAND

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  • Date: May 7, 2022
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Do you have a sandbox that needs emptying or leftover materials from a construction project that you want to clear? Then in this article, you’ll find out how you can safely dispose of your unwanted sand. 

To dispose of sand you can do this: 

  • Reuse it for gritting your driveway, or add it to your compost or plants
  • Dispose of it by taking it to your local dump or leaving it for curbside collection

So those are a couple of ideas to get you started at disposing of sand. Are you ready to find out how you can get rid of the sand in your backyard? Then take a look at what’s coming up next.

2 Ways to Dispose of Sand

So you’ve got a tonne of sand to get rid of and are not sure how to go about it. There are two main ways you can do so. Here are the best ideas.

  1. Dispose of it by taking it to your local dump. If you are dealing with a large quantity of sand, you can take it to your local dump. You should be able to take the sand there and only pay a small fee depending on the weight of the sand. 

If you cannot transport the sand there yourself, you will have to contact the landfill authorities and ask about the pickup services in your area. This will no doubt be more expensive.

  1. Dispose of it by leaving it for curbside collection. You should be able to leave the sand in your regular curbside collection point. When leaving the sand on your curb, make sure you put it in a well-sealed bag or container. You should also label the bag. To ensure that the sand is collected, the bag should not weigh more than 45 pounds.

As you can see, disposing of sand is not as complicated as most think it will be. But there is something you should bear in mind. 

If your sand contains any hazardous materials, you should contact your local authorities. They will be able to give you specific instructions about what to do with it. 

The advice they give will vary depending on the state and county you live in. 

How to Reuse Sand

There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of being able to recycle something. But you may wonder how you could possibly find a use for leftover sand.

 I must admit, it takes some hardcore imagination and thinking outside the box to do so. But here are a couple of things you can try. 

  1. Reuse it to grit your driveway. Are you fed up with slipping and sliding on your driveway when the weather turns? Buying grit to lay on your driveway in the winter is a great way of increasing traction for your tires. Sand has a similar effect. Why not store your leftover sand and use it for gritting your driveway when the icy weather begins?
  2. Reuse it to add to your compost. Sand is great at aerating your compost. So, you can pour some sand into yours. A one-part sand three-part compost mix usually works best. 
  3. Reuse it to add to your plant pots. Natural sand contains organic matter and silt. These materials are perfect for growing plants and not to mention great at anchoring them. You can also add the sand to pea gravel to help pot your plants inside over the winter. They will love it. 

Recycling sand is a great way for you to do your bit for the environment and for yourself. Not only will your plans benefit, but you can also use the sand to make a safer environment for your family in the winter. It’s win win.

How to Upcycle Sand

Upcycling brings us an inner joy that one cannot quite compare. Finding a use for something that was trash is definitely an art. Are you wondering what creative things you could do to make the most of old sand? Then take a look at the following ideas. 

  1. Make a sandbox. A sandbox is a summertime dream for kids. If your sand is clean and safe, why not pour it into a closed box and create a backyard beach for the kids to play in? You can make the sandbox even more entertaining by throwing a small plastic bucket and spade in it.
    1. Would you like to see how you can go about making your own sandbox? Then take a look at this tutorial video.
  2. Use it for cleaning up. Do you do a lot of work in your garage? Then you’ll know that working with oil can often leave a mess on the garage floor that is really hard to clean. But don’t allow an oil spill to stain your floor. Throwing sand over the oil can absorb it and make it easier to clean up. Why not keep hold of a little sand in anticipation of future spillages?
  3. Make textured paint. Have you been wondering how to achieve a more rustic look for an interior wall of your home? Then you should try mixing some sand into your paint to achieve a more textured look. This also works really well on ceilings. 
    1. For the best results with this upcycle, your sand should be clean and free from shrapnel or any other debris.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of sand might seem like a tricky job. 

But as we’ve seen in this article, shifting it is simpler than you think. It’s a case of popping it in your local curbside disposal or taking it to the closest landfill. 

Not only that, but we’ve also seen how easy it is to recycle sand. 

It might be worth holding on to if you want to use it for gritting your drive, adding to your compost, or even your plant pots. 

You can even upcycle it and use it to make a sandbox, for cleaning up, or to make textured paint. There’s no end to what you can do with it!

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