How to Dispose of Liquor Bottles

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  • Date: May 7, 2022
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The weekend was a hoot but now you’re left with all the mess to clean up which includes a couple of dozen liquor bottles. Find out what you can do to dispose of liquor bottles in this article.

To dispose of liquor bottles, do this: 

  • Take them to your local glass recycling center
  • If your municipality allows you to, leave them for curbside pickup in a recycling container

These are a couple of methods you can use to dispose of liquor bottles. Are you ready to take a glance at some other things that you can do with them? Then make sure you check out the next section. 

2 Ways to Dispose of Liquor Bottles

Glass is 100% recyclable. This means that can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality. So, if you have some liquor bottles knocking around, you’re no wonder keen that they go to good use. There’s nothing like the feeling of doing something for the environment. But what exactly should you do with the bottles? Here’s a list of two things you can try. 

  1. Take them to your local glass recycling center. Every recycling center has an area that is dedicated to glass recycling. You should be able to drive down to your local center and drop off the bottles free of charge. To make it worth your while, collect a couple of dozen glass bottles and then take them down to the recycling center all at once. 
    1. Some centers will require that you prepare the bottles before you drop them off. This means rinsing the bottles and the bottle caps. Then make sure you return the cap to the bottle.
  2. Leave them for curbside pickup in a recycling container. Your municipality should have provided you with a recycling box or container that is specifically for glass. You can place your liquor bottles in this recycling container and then leave them for curbside collection. Do not place the glass in a plastic bag.
    1. Some municipalities will require that you prepare the bottles for collection. This means you will have to rinse the bottles and the bottles caps. Then make sure you return the cap to the bottle. 
    2. If your municipality doesn’t have a glass recycling scheme, you will need to take the bottles to your local glass recycling center. 

How to Reuse Liquor Bottles

So you’ve been bitten by the creativity bug. Why throw your liquor bottles into the recycling when you could make something out of them? There are so many innovative things you can do with your glass liquor bottles. Here are just a few ideas. 

  1. Make them into a rustic vase. Soak the label off of the glass bottle then use it to hold a few flowers. Small liquor bottles make the perfect size vase for a coffee table or a window ledge. 
  2. Use them to home stones, shells, or potpourri. Again, after soaking the label off, you can use the bottles to hold small stones to make a centerpiece. Potpourri is great for bottles that you can store in the hallway and bathroom. This idea works best on lightly colored glass bottles.
  3. Fill them with lights. To add a cozy touch to a room, try filling an empty liquor bottle with fairy lights.
  4. Turn them into candles. Place a thin candle on top of the neck of the bottle and light it. Allow the wax to run down onto the bottle. This will give a coffee table a homey and rustic feel.
  5. Make glass art. Safely crush the glass and arrange it to make glass art. You can then use it to decorate your garden, kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in the home.
  6. Make them into a centerpiece. Fill the glass bottles with marbles. Then fill in the gaps by pouring glitter or sand over the marbles. This works best in lightly colored bottles. If your bottles are darker, stick the marbles to the outside of the bottles.

Things to do With Glass Bottles

It is so easy to accumulate glass bottles. You finish the olive oil, you buy some wine or even a couple of posh soft drinks and before you know it, you’re inundated with glass bottles. Are you looking for a creative way to upcycle them? Then you have arrived at just the right place. 

Coming up next, you’ll see a couple of things that you can do with glass bottles that will add a splash of color and a warm and cozy feel to your home. 

  1. Make a light fixture. Take advantage of glass bottles with a wider neck to make a light fixture. Feed a narrow bulb through the neck and then pierce a hole through the bottle cap.
  2. Make bottle art. Use leftover glass bottles to unleash your creative side. Paint over the bottles and turn them into quirky centerpieces. Try sticking beads and stones to the outside of the bottles to give them an extra added sparkle. 
    1. Not sure how to paint over glass? Then take a look at this tutorial video that will help you get started. 
  3. Use them to display photos. Place small photographs inside bottles as an innovative way to present them. Place a couple of glass bottles with one or two photos inside each one on a coffee table. This works really well with black and white or sepia photos. Make sure that the glass bottles are light enough to see through.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of liquor bottles might seem like a difficult task. But as we’ve seen in this article, all you have to do is take them to your local glass recycling center or put them out for curbside disposal. 

But there are also some rather creative things you can do with your glass bottles such as turning them into centerpieces with lights, sand, stones, and potpourri. You can even make them into candles or fill them with photos. There’s no end to the creative ways you can use glass bottles. 

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