Best Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations Brands

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Eco-friendly wedding invitations can make better choices for your conscious wedding planning. 

While you celebrate your love, it’s also important to show some love for the environment. 

For the eco-conscious couple, these brands are serious, outstanding, and sustainable. 

I’ve been doing rigorous research to figure out wedding invitation brands that are earth-friendly and narrowed down the one you’d like the most. 

Many brands here use sustainable paper techniques, including plantable paper, recycled paper, or no paper at all. 

Let’s see how these options will make a difference in the future.

5 Steps to Print Eco-Friendly wedding Invitations

Eco-friendly practices and habits will benefit not only the environment but also your business. 

Most people appreciate companies that focus on a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Nowadays, green printing technology has made everything easy when it comes to printing eco-friendly invitations. 

Those who require wedding invitations should follow these necessary steps;

  • Opt for green invitation paper

Using green invitations can bring about an improvement. 

The eco-friendly paper comes with a sustainable design that results in an elegant and smooth sheen. 

Besides, it will add class, represent professionalism and value to your invitations. 

  • Print with eco-friendly invitation links

Although some companies use recycled paper, not all are eco-friendly. 

For example, petroleum-based ink isn’t eco-friendly. This type of link can release toxic compounds once it dries. 

So it’s advisable to use green invitation ink as it releases just VOC. It also enriches color and other benefits.

 With these inks, companies can produce high-quality products that won’t harm the planet. 

  • Go for green invitation companies

Choose the companies that overlook their supply chain. 

The process should be eco-friendly, from processing to packaging the invitations. 

The CompanyCompany you select should take care of recycled paper.

Otherwise, ignorance may cause unhealthy environments. 

Before anything else, look out for environmental statements.

  • Order an electric proof

A modern eco-conscious couple should ask for electric proof that shows the material used to print the invitations. 

Use your computer to check the invitations instead of relying on hard copies. 

Upon confirming everything is okay with invitations’ text and layout, ask the CompanyCompany to print them. 

If there’s an error you’d want to be corrected, let it be done before printing. This will guarantee you eco-friendly brands.

  • Send invitations directly from your printer to recipients

On this one, you can choose to distribute your wedding invitations in two ways. 

Once green invitations are ready, you may receive them and dispatch them to your guest. 

Or, you can mail the printer to send them directly to the recipients. 

The second option makes sure the invitations reach your guest easily and faster. 

10 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Wedding Invitations and Stationary Brands

Let’s take a closer look at top-rated eco-friendly & sustainable wedding invitations and stationary brands. 

1. Greenery Wedding Invitations

From Paperchain Wedding Stationary, these wedding invitations are printed on plant-based (white bamboo) cards with recycled envelopes. 

Thankfully, paperchain adopts a recycling scheme that’s not only affordable but also minimizes their carbon footprint as they deliver these beautiful invites. 

This is absolutely great for the planet.

Things we like:

  • Invitation cards are created with eco-friendly bamboo trees
  • Paperchain focus on reducing the carbon footprint
  • Recycling scheme adopted

2. Paper Culture 

If you want sustainable stationary that meets modern design, paper culture is for you. 

They use 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper to make wedding invitation cards, which means no cutting trees.

Paper Culture is very unique as it plants a tree after you purchase any product from them. 

This is the push to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Through the partnership with organizations like Urban Forest, they know how trees are impactful. 

Thing we like:

  • Uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • They plant a tree after every sale
  • Dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint
  • Partners with other eco-friendly organizations like Urban Forest 

3. Botanical Paperworks

Botanical paperworks is my favorite right from the word go. Probably your guests have never received it, so you should surprise them as you prepare for your big day.

It’s reputable for creating plantable paper. 

As we may be knowing, plantable paper is an eco-paper that degrades easily. 

You can reuse the same paper to plant seeds in a pot of soil. 

The post-consumer material composts away, leaving behind your plants, herbs, or flowers. Choose the paper that is printed with green ink.

Things we like:

  • Plantable paper is biodegradable
  • Organic, non-toxic, and sustainable eco-materials
  • The paper is reusable 

4. Wildflower Seed Invitations

If you’re looking for someone to make rustic and vintage eco-friendly wedding invitations for you, visit no other than Blushful Earth. 

They own plenty of plantable seed paper invites with seeds like musk mallow, white campion, buttercup, ox-eye daisy, meadow grass, and yarrow.

Let your guests know what these invitations look like, and they’ll appreciate the awe-inspiring flower garden after your big day.

Things we like:

  • Made of plantable wildflower seeds
  • Stunning design 

5. Greenvelope

This eco-friendly, electronic invitation service is what you need to send unique and beautiful paperless wedding invitations to your guests. 

Greenvelope, a Seattle-based company, will preserve the beauty and value of your wedding.

From their site, you can choose any design you like at ease.

 Thanks for its easy-to-use interface, many personalization choices, and a ready team that answers your queries at any given time. 

Greenvelope shows its dedication by donating a percentage of every sale to non-profit organizations in the push to maintain forests.

Things we like:

  • Their site is easy to use and understand
  • It’s an eco-conscious service
  • Sends e-mail wedding invitations something that saves cutting of trees
  • Supports non-profit organizations that take care of forests

6. ForeverFiances

ForeverFiances prioritizes environmentally friendly wedding stationary. 

Their emphasis on affordability, sustainability, and design reflects how well they can blossom your wedding. 

Most importantly, their non-plantable wedding invites are made from recycled paper while plantable ones come from seed paper. 

To conserve the environment, ForeverFiances, donates at least 1% of revenues to NGOs supporting the planet. 

Even with a tight budget, they offer a range of price points to ensure the bride matches the planned budget.

What we like:

  • Invites are made from sustainable paper
  • They emphasize affordability and sustainability
  • 1% of revenue goes to care for the Planet
  • Offer sophisticated design

7. Green Field Paper Company

Hemp paper and plantable paper are some eco-friendly invitation options you can get from Green Field Paper Company. 

The designers don’t just create papers, but they do this with a purpose.

The CompanyCompany uses recycled papers together with post-consumer pulp. Also, there’s the use of non-traditional additives like hemp, seeds, chaff, coffee, and junk mail. 

Neither dye nor bleach is used, and the seed paper is non-GMO. 

If you live in the USA, you can access their facility as you prepare for your beautiful day.

Things we like:

  • No dye or bleach on their paper
  • The paper waste is recyclable and compostable 
  • The seed paper is non-GMO
  • Invitations made in the USA

8. Bespoke Stationary and Collections

Apart from her bespoke stationary, Artist Lucy crafts a wide range of attractive collections to rave about. 

She makes sure every bride enjoys her destination wedding. 

The unique designs are what you’ll love at a glance. 

The stationary is printed and assembled in the United Kingdom. 

She uses certified paper stock, recycled materials as well as eco-conscious printers. Everything you get is of top-notch quality.

Things we like:

  • Use of recycled materials
  • Stationary is of great quality
  • The artist uses environmentally responsible printers

9. Flower Seed Paper

If you’re on the lookout for a DIY wedding stationery kit, I’m sure Flower Seed Paper can make a good choice. 

It’s a plantable paper brand for those who are into doing their own printing. 

Again, the stationary brand comes with a set of event supplies like favor boxes, cards, and confetti, among others.

I like this plantable paper because of how raw, natural and unique it looks like.  

If a green wedding makes sense to you, then this is a go-to place.

Things we like:

  • It’s a plantable paper 
  • Utilizes eco-friendly event supplies
  • Free from bleaches and chemicals

10. Bloomin

Bloomin is versatile in its way of crafting invitations. 

It makes plantable seed paper by hand and sells them for weddings and other events without falling short on quality.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Bloomin uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 

The un-dyed paper contains vegetables, grass, herb, trees, flowers, and other sorts of seeds.

Things we like:

  • Uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Sends invitations with eco packaging wherever possible
  • The paper is un-dyed

11. Words with Heart

Words with Heart’s center of attention are sustainability and women empowerment. 

They do so through their wedding invitations. 

They use recycled paper to create one of the most beautiful invites out there.

Their graphic designers and printers use vegetable-based inks to design cards. 

Plus, the use of renewable electricity makes sure the environment is free from any form of pollution. 

Word with Heart collaborates with other NGOs to educate girls in developing countries and empower women through funding and training them. 

Things we like:

  • Focuses on empowering women
  • Creates sustainable wedding invitations 
  • Crafts invitations with 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Educates girls in Asia and Africa

12. Bella Figura

Any eco-conscious couple looking for a range of designs of letterpress wedding invitations should fall in love with Bella Figura. 

The CompanyCompany crafts different styles, including vintage invitations, metallic invitations, rustic invitations, and more. 

Based on your preference and budget, you’ll have more than 300 designs to choose from. 

You can customize the invitations to suit your way. 

Things we like;

  • Recycle photo film, photopolymer printing plates, and paper offcuts
  • Uses recycled packaging materials
  • Uses Low-VOC and vegetable-oil based inks 
  • Letterpress invitations are of different designs and styles.

13. Earth Affair

These wedding invitations are available in different designs and styles. 

The pricing also varies. Printed on 100 percent recycled paper, the cards will stand out at your wedding. 

Using curbside recyclables means there’s no cutting of new trees. 

And most importantly, the paper is chlorine-free.

Things we like:

  • The recycled paper used is choline-free
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper


As a modern eco-conscious couple, show care for the planet by printing eco-friendly wedding invitations. 

Use un-dyed ink, eco-friendly CompanyCompany, post-consumer recycled paper, and plantable paper.

By doing so, your guests will fall in love with your events. 

We hope you’ll find our guide helpful as you prepare for your big day!

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