Is Sunlight Dishsoap Biodegradable?

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  • Date: May 7, 2022
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We all use washing up liquid multiple times a day, so what does your choice of soap do for the environment? Is Sunlight dish soap biodegradable?

Sunlight dish soap is biodegradable. Some of their washing up liquid is made from all-natural materials. 

The bottle the dish soap comes in is not biodegradable but you can recycle it.

Is Sunlight your go-to dish soap brand? Then find out what impact your washing up liquid has on the environment and what you can do to further help our planet in this article.

What Kind of Dish Soap Is Biodegradable?

Dish soap is a kitchen must-have. So, since we’re all using it all around the clock, we should choose a type of soap that is helping out the environment. 

The ideal dish soap is zero waste or biodegradable. But what makes dish soap biodegradable?  Here are a few traits it must have:

  • The dish soap should be made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. It shouldn’t contain anything that would be harmful to the environment. This includes synthetic substances and phosphates.
  • You can consider dish soap biodegradable if the ingredients in it can be decomposed by microorganisms. These microbes in their natural habitat should be able to break it down within 6 months. They should be able to break the soap down into 90% water, carbon dioxide, and organic materials in this time period.
  • It is in zero-waste packaging. The best biodegradable dish soap should come in compostable packaging. This means that you should be able to throw the packaging on your compost heap once you’ve finished with it. But this isn’t the case with most liquid soap. If you buy dish soap in a bar, you are more likely to find a biodegradable packaging option.

So what’s the key? How can you choose biodegradable dish soap? To pick the best soap for the planet, it should be made from natural ingredients. 

This is better for your hands as well as the environment! The ingredients the soap is made from should decompose within 6 months. And finally, the dish soap should come in zero-waste packaging. (Ideally not a plastic bottle).

Is Sunlight Soap Eco Friendly?

Do you get through dish soap quickly in your home? Then you no doubt want to buy dish soap that is effective but also environmentally friendly. 

So, what can we say about Sunlight soap? How good is it for our planet? Let’s find out.

Sunlight soap is eco friendly. We can come to this conclusion because the soap itself is made from natural materials. In fact, they boast that over 60% of their product is derived from plants. Because of this, their soap biodegrades. 

It does not do any damage to the environment.

Sunlight soap bottles can be recycled. You can simply put them into your plastic recycle bin and then place them for curbside collection. This way, your Sunlight dish soap bottle can be turned into another one in the future. 

Note: When recycling plastic dish soap bottles, some municipalities would prefer that you wash the bottles before recycling them. You should also return the caps to the bottles before recycling.

Are All Dish Soaps Biodegradable?

Dish soap is an everyday necessity. So we need to know whether the soap we are using is good for the environment or not. 

Unfortunately, not all dish soaps are biodegradable. There are a few reasons for this. Take a look at just some of them below:

  • Most dish soap is not made from plant-based or natural ingredients. Dish soap usually contains synthetic materials and phosphates. Phosphates are extremely popular because they help to loosen food remains and even control water hardness. Phosphates make it easier for you to clean your dishes, but they are bad for the environment.
  • Most dish soap cannot be broken down by microorganisms. The dish soap cannot break down within 6 months so it cannot be classed as biodegradable.
  • The majority of dish soap poses a threat to wildlife. Because of the phosphates in dish soap, it cannot be decomposed by naturally occurring microbes. This results in an increase in algae and aquatic plant growth that interferes with oxygen levels and creates toxins. This in turn is dangerous to animal and human life.
  • Dish soap usually comes in plastic bottles. Granted, the bottles are recyclable and some are made from recycled plastic, but they are not biodegradable. Only dish soap in bars and paper packaging can be classed as good for the environment.

So what can we conclude? Finding dish soap that is 100% biodegradable is tricky, but it isn’t impossible. You just need to make sure that your dish soap ticks the following boxes. 

It should be made from natural ingredients, it should break down quickly and not pose a threat to wildlife. And finally, it should come in zero-waste packaging.

Is Sunlight Washing Powder Biodegradable?

Sunlight washing powder is not biodegradable. This is because their washing powder contains surfactants that do not decompose. 

To choose washing powder that is more eco-friendly, you need to be aware of its ingredients. The powder should be made from plant-based surfactants that are 100% natural. 

Not only that, but you should be aware of the packaging that the powder comes in. 

Washing powder that comes in recycled paper boxes is more sustainable and better for the environment. Washing powder that comes in plastic boxes, though, is not biodegradable.

Final Thoughts

Washing up liquid is something that your kitchen simply cannot be without. 

And when we find a brand of dish soap that really works we tend to stick with it. So, what can we conclude? Is Sunlight dish soap biodegradable? 

I am sure that this article has helped you to see that Sunlight dish soap is biodegradable. It is made from natural ingredients that the environment can decompose quickly. 

But the packaging the dish soap comes in is not biodegradable. So, to do your part for the planet please make sure you recycle the bottles correctly.  

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