Is Lush Glitter Biodegradable? (Here are the facts)

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  • Date: November 19, 2021
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Did you know that many glitters contain microplastics and PET? Found predominantly in nail polishes and cosmetics, glitters are now a popular addition to our body care, sunscreens, and bath products. 

More often than not, glitter products end up in the ocean, thus releasing chemicals that disrupt marine life and human hormones. 

These look terrible for the environment. But is lush glitter biodegradable? It’s 100% biodegradable. 

Let’s take a closer look at lush glitter’s biodegradability. In addition to that, we’ll get to understand its primary properties.

Does Lush Use Eco-Friendly Glitter?

Yes. Lush uses eco-friendly glitter that’s made from natural ingredients. 

However, the products aren’t 100 percent organic and may have some harmful synthetics like parables, fragrances, and SLS. 

If it’s colored black on their website, then it’s ‘safe synthetic.’ 

If it’s colored green, on the other hand, it’s often organic and naturally derived.

Having said that, Lush glitters are alternatives to plastic glitters. They’re;

  • Natural-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Cosmetic grade
  • vegan

Is Lush Glitter Biodegradable?

Lush glitter is biodegradable. My favorite colorful bath bombs are plastic-glitter-free. 

Lush uses synthetic mica and mineral shimmer on its products.

As one way of reducing carbon footprint, lush don’t use packaging. 

The packaging peanuts in shipped products and gifts are derived from natural vegetable starch, meaning they biodegrade easily upon exposure.

Lush glitter bath bombs are safe as well. Since glitter contains no microplastic, it provides the baking soda found in our kitchens. 

Alongside that, Lush adds other ingredients, including cocoa butter and sea salt, to every hand-pressed bath bomb.

What about edible glitter? Is it biodegradable? Yes, it’s more biodegradable. 

Edible glitters dissolve easily, though. 

It offers a short lifespan for ornaments as they will melt away in jelly. Be sure not to put it in liquid. 

Is lush Glitter Plastic?

No, Lush glitter isn’t plastic. The glitters are made with;

  • Synthetic mica and minerals
  • Seaweed and starch

Made from synthetic fluorphlogopite, lush products add dazzle to shower gels and bath bombs, allowing you to enjoy your bath safely. 

Since it biodegrades, Lash glitters non-toxic won’t hurt marine life in any way.

The same applies to lush cosmetics. 

They won’t cause negative impacts on the environment. 

Mica is made up of natural materials. So, it’s a synthetic material that mimics the shimmer effect of natural mica. 

Is Lush Glitter Non-Toxic?

It’s non-toxic. 99 percent of all Lush products use food-safe colorings, minerals, synthetic mica, and natural starches. 

All glitters that flow through your bathroom and waterways are harmless to the environment. 

Whether natural or synthetic mica, there’s an element of chemical processing that makes it safe for use. 

Everything from pigments to materials is controlled by cosmetic regulations – the percentage to be used, the type of pigments, and more.

Lush glitter can’t kill you. Don’t panic just because you accidentally added non-toxic glitter into your food. 

It may not kill you, but as Dr. Zhaoping Li says, ‘don’t eat it.’ 

Is Lush Glitter Mica-Free?

No. Lush confirms that once the stock containing natural mica is sold, the company products will be completely natural mica-free.

Some years ago, the company started replacing all of its ingredients containing mica with synthetic mica.  

Gabbi explains that synthetic mica is a more ethical and better option for use. 

That’s why Lush decided to ditch natural mica. 


Lash glitters are biodegradable. The eco-friendly glitters can make your art project sparkle without causing harm to the environment.  

You can as well make your holidays more festive. 

Lash products aren’t toxic. 

And as we go further, the company is working hard to ensure more eco-friendly practices.

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