Is Air Dry Clay Biodegradable?

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  • Date: May 7, 2022
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If you enjoy making models out of clay you might wonder, is air dry clay biodegradable? Find out more about which clay is best for the environment with the help of this article. 

Some air dry clay is biodegradable it just depends what it is made out of. Some air dry clay is only made of natural materials and this makes it great for the environment. 

But how can you be sure that your air dry clay is eco-friendly? And once you’re done with it, what can you do to get rid of it? You can find the answers to these questions and more coming up next.

Does Air Dry Clay Disintegrate?

Air dry clay is awesome for molding into different shapes. It helps kids to expand the horizons of their imaginations and create something that they can paint and decorate at a later date. 

But after all the hard work that goes into your kids’ creations, you may wonder how long it will last. Does air dry clay disintegrate? Will all their efforts one day disappear?

It is important to know a couple of things about air dry clay in order to answer these questions. The first is that you should not put air dry clay into water after you have finished with it. 

Air dry clay is not waterproof. So, if you leave it outside in the rain or even in a very humid environment, it will go soft on you. 

Air dry clay will not disintegrate completely but it will shrink a little and become more brittle over time. 

This means that if you are not careful with it, the clay could start to break into pieces after a few years. It is not as robust as clay that is fired in a kiln so you have to handle it gently. 

Here are some things you can do to stop your air dry clay from spoiling over time:

  • Keep it out of water. You should not keep your clay models outside where they are exposed to the elements. As far as possible, keep them out of humid climates.
  • Do not roll the clay too thin. Bigger and bulkier designs will last longer.
  • Keep it away from food and water.
  • Do not expose the material to heat. You should not put the clay in a microwave, oven, or kiln. You should never mold the clay into a candle holder or use it to hold something hot.

Is Crayola Air Dry Clay Eco-Friendly?

Crayola is a popular choice of air dry clay because of its appearance and ease of use. It is quick to clean up and does not shrink a lot when it dries. 

You can use it to make sculptures and decorative items. But what can we say about its eco-friendliness?

Crayola Air Dry Clay is eco-friendly because it is only made from natural earth clay. We can also conclude that this clay is eco-friendly because it doesn’t do any harm to the environment when it decomposes. 

It is not extracted from a material that is in scarce supply.

What does all this mean? This means that you can enjoy making models out of Crayola Air Dry Clay with your mind at ease. 

There is no reason for you to think that you are doing any harm to the environment by using it. So, get a tub out and start shaping!

How Do You Get Rid of Air Dry Clay?

One of our favorite things about air dry clay is that you can use it again and again. Are you fed up with looking at the same molded sculpture? Then before you think of throwing it in the garbage, consider how you could remodel it. 

Adding water to the clay and reshaping it is all it will take to transform it. 

But what if you have a large quantity of air dry clay that you don’t think you will use? Here are a couple of things you could do with it:

  • Give it to a charitable organization. Charities that look after children will welcome a gift like air dry clay. You should contact the organization to check that they will accept this donation. 
  • Give it to someone you know. A family with kids will love to receive a bag full of air dry clay. This is a great way for them to keep their children occupied during the weekends and vacations.
  • Throw it away. If your air dry clay is made of all-natural materials, you can put it into your recycling bin to get rid of it. You can then put it out for curbside collection. If the clay isn’t made from natural materials, you will have to put it in your normal household waste bin. You can then put it out for curbside collection.

Is Clay Eco-Friendly?

Who doesn’t love playing with clay? And the earth loves it too! This is because clay is eco-friendly as it has a natural origin and is made from sustainable materials. 

The way that clay is extracted is also eco-friendly. It is done in a way that has a minimal impact on our environment. 

Clay is also eco-friendly because it is easy to recycle. Not only that but you can use it again and again. The fun never has to end when you have air dry clay to hand. 

TIP: Fancy making your own air dry clay? Then take a look at this simple recipe

Final Thoughts

Air dry clay is inexpensive and easy to use. It is great fun to push into different shapes with the kids and then paint over once it’s dry. 

Do you use a lot of air dry clay? Then you might be concerned about whether your choice of clay is biodegradable or not. 

As we have seen in this article, some types of air dry clay are biodegradable. These are the ones that are made of natural ingredients. 

They do not do any harm to the environment. So, get stuck in! Enjoy molding and painting this great product! 

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