Can You Put Crockery in the Recycle Bin?

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  • Date: December 20, 2021
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In an attempt to limit household waste, you may be wondering what items are acceptable to put in the recycling bin. 

Crockery is one item that a lot of people are confused about when it comes to recycling. 

When you have old crockery you need to dispose of, it can’t be put in the recycling bin.

If you have old crockery that you no longer need or is broken, you may think to place it in the recycling bin. 

However, this is the wrong move to make. 

On this page, we’re going to discuss how you can get rid of old crockery that’s taking up space in your cupboards. Keep reading to learn the right way to dispose of crockery.

Can you put crockery in the recycle bin? 

No, you can not put crockery in the recycle bin. Crockery basically refers to any ceramic items in your kitchen, like plates or mugs. 

Ceramic is not a recyclable material, so you will need to find another method to get rid of it. 

Placing crockery in your recycling bin with other glass items does more harm than good. 

This little mistake could contaminate the other glass items in the recycling bin if any of the crockeries shatter. 

The recycling gets moved and tossed around a lot, so it’s almost guaranteed that the crockery will shatter, spreading shards and fragments of ceramic all over other items. 

How to dispose of broken crockery

If you have broken crockery, then your only option is to throw it out (unless you are creative enough to make artwork out of some of the broken pieces). 

However, it’s not very safe to just drop broken shards of crockery into a garbage bag. 

They could easily poke through the bag and hurt somebody. 

For this reason, you should always wrap up the broken crockery as well as you can to keep it from coming loose. 

One of the safest ways to dispose of broken crockery pieces is to place them in a small box or container and then place that box (or container) into the garbage, Make sure you seal the box, so the crockery pieces don’t fall out. 

How to get rid of old crockery you no longer need

Do you have crockery you want to get rid of that is still useable? Don’t place this in the recycling or trash bin. 

There is likely someone in your area that could use the crockery. 

If there are no chips or cracks on the crockery and the design still looks new, you could list the crockery online to sell. 

Many communities have online marketplaces on Facebook and other sites to find buyers close by. 

This is a great option because it allows you to get rid of the crockery and earn some pocket money.

However, if the crockery doesn’t look like it’s worth anything but can still be used, you can always donate it. 

A local charity shop, thrift store, or church may appreciate the donation.

Additionally, you can also advertise the crockery for free on the marketplace and someone who needs it will appreciate the gesture. 

College students and young adults who are moving into their first apartment don’t always have the money to buy new crockery items. 

When you list them for free, you can help these people easily find items they need for their kitchen. 

What to do with old mugs

If you have old mugs you no longer need for drinking coffee, you may be able to repurpose them to use for something else. Start by painting the old mug with acrylic paints. 

You can paint it any color and any design you wish. Once it’s dry, there is a number of different things you can do with it:

  • Plant herbs
  • Plant succulents
  • Pen/ pencil holder
  • Jewelry storage
  • Hold hair accessories
  • Makeup brush holder
  • Paintbrush holder ; more

If you like the idea of using old mugs for small plants, you can also do the same thing with old ceramic bowls or baking dishes.

Final thoughts- Can you put crockery in the recycle bin?

Old crockery can not be placed in the recycling bin because ceramic is not a recyclable material. If you make the mistake of placing crockery in the recycling bin, it could ruin the rest of the items in there. 

This is why you need to be careful and always keep crockery out of the recycling bin.

Ideally, you should sell or donate old crockery. 

However, if the items are broken, you will need to place them in the garbage bin. 

Always wrap the broken crockery up well before placing it in the garbage bin so it doesn’t cause any damage. 

Never place broken crockery in the recycling bin or loose in the garbage.  

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