Can You Recycle Wagamama Containers?

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  • Date: August 26, 2022
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Have you just finished tucking into some tasty Wagamama takeout but are not sure what to do with the containers? Well then stick with us as you’ll find out if you can recycle Wagamama containers in this article. 

You can recycle Wagamama containers by putting them in your home recycling waste. 

Alternatively, you can return the containers to your local Wagamama restaurant and they will ensure that they are commercially recycled. 

Are you ready to find out more about how you can recycle your Wagamama containers? Then make sure you check out what’s coming up next in this article. 

Can You Recycle Plastic Takeaway Containers UK?

That takeaway you just enjoyed was a scrumptious treat, but now what should you do to get rid of the evidence? Should you recycle plastic takeaway containers in the UK or should you throw them in your general waste bin?

Unfortunately, you cannot recycle plastic takeaway containers in the UK. You should put them in your general waste bin. 

You cannot recycle cardboard takeaway containers either. These containers, including pizza boxes and any other takeaway food container, should be placed in your general waste bin. 

Plastic takeaway containers cannot be recycled. This means that they end up in landfills where they sit for 20 to 500 years before degrading. 

This is a sad reality that is polluting our planet. But perhaps you’re thinking, what a waste! Why can’t you recycle plastic or cardboard takeaway containers? Here are a couple of reasons. 

  • Cardboard contaminated with food waste cannot be recycled
  • Plastic containers contaminated with food waste cannot be recycled
  • These containers are rejected by recycling centers because of the possibility of contamination as grease penetrates the materials and gets in the way of the recycling process.

What Do You Do With Takeaway Plastic Containers?

We all want to know what we should do with takeaway plastic containers once we have finished eating from them. 

Unfortunately, though, you cannot recycle these containers in your home waste bin. So, what should you do with them? Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Put the containers in your general household waste bin. You should not put them in your recycling bin. 
  • Return the containers to the restaurant. Some restaurants such as Wagamama have a container returning initiative that will allow you to return the containers after you have finished using them. When you do, the restaurant will ensure that each container is commercially recycled. You may also land a couple of perks. Wagamama, for example, will give you a side on them the next time you dine if you return your Wagamama containers to them. 
  • Reuse the containers. Use the containers at home for storing food.
  • Upcycle the containers. Turn the containers into something else! To get inspired, check out some of the fun upcycling ideas in this video

So, we’ve spoken a little about upcycling takeout containers. There are so many fantastic upcycling ideas out there. Here is a mini list of some of our favorites. 

  1. Do you like attracting birds to your garden? Then nothing will make your yard more popular than a bird seed tray. You can use your old takeout containers as food troughs for your feathered friends. 
  2. Are you traveling with your dog and need a mess-free way to feed and give him something to drink? Then why not save some takeout containers and use them as portable and disposable food and water bowls?
  3. Fancy planting some seeds in the garden but don’t have any plant pots? Then you can use some plastic containers are preliminary plant pots until you have time to run down to the garden center. Poke some drainage holes in the bottom and then fill them up with dirt and they will be good to go. 

Is Wagamama Plastic Microwavable?

That Wagamama meal was really filling, so you decided to put the leftovers in the fridge and tuck them into them later. 

When you’re ready to heat them up, you are wondering if you can put the plastic container straight in the microwave or whether you need to empty it and put it on a microwaveable plate. What should you do?

All Wagamama plastic takeout containers are microwavable. You can put them in the microwave to reheat your delicious meal without fear of the plastic melting into your food. 

Final Thoughts

Do you have some takeout food containers hanging around that you are not sure what to do with? Perhaps you are considering putting them in the recycling but aren’t convinced that that is the place they should go. 

Can you recycle Wagamama containers?

This article has helped us to see that you can recycle Wagamama containers. 

You can put them in your home recycling bin or take them to your local Wagamama restaurant where they will recycle them for you. 

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