Can You Compost Pizza Boxes?

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  • Date: September 21, 2021
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If you’ve ever had a rough week at work or a busy few days running between practices and lessons, you may be familiar with the growing pile of pizza boxes in the corner of your kitchen.

And, if you are environmentally conscious, the thought may have crossed your mind: can you compost pizza boxes? 

Here, we’ll answer your questions about whether or not you can compost pizza boxes and why. Read on to find out!

Can you compost pizza boxes?

Generally, yes, you can compost pizza boxes. This is an excellent, green alternative to trashing the pizza box or throwing it in the recycling when it’s not recyclable. Pizza boxes do break down in your home compost or at a compost facility, so absolutely no stress!

Are pizza boxes recyclable?

Sometimes! The greasy pieces of cardboard (and that little paper that comes in the box!) are compostable, not recyclable. 

Any dirty or soiled pieces will not be recyclable. We’ll explain a little more later about why you should not recycle greasy pizza boxes.

Can you compost Dominos pizza boxes?

Dominos pizza boxes are like other pizza boxes. They are compostable and recyclable depending on the level of cleanliness! 

So, go ahead and get the extra breadsticks. Just make sure if the Dominos pizza box goes in the recycling, it is free from food waste and grease.

Can you recycle a greasy pizza box?

As mentioned above, if the cardboard is damaged, wet, or otherwise oily, it will not do well in the recycling process. 

The little cardboard fibers in the pizza box hold the oils and food waste, and thus do not break down well. 

This can halt the entire recycling process and cause an entire group of cardboard recycling to be contaminated and trashed. 

So no, you should not recycle a greasy pizza box. Luckily, you can cut up the greasy pizza box parts and compost those pieces instead!

Are frozen pizza boxes compostable?

Because frozen pizza boxes typically don’t have the oil or grease that would come from the fresh hot pizza, frozen pizza boxes are often both recyclable and compostable. Pick your preference!  

Are pizza savers compostable?

Pizza savers are not compostable, and they are too small to be recycled. 

Pizza savers are best thrown in the trash. FYI: a pizza saver is the little plastic triangle that keeps your pizza toppings from sticking to the top of the box.

Can pizza boxes go in yard waste?

If you have your own compost, that’s a great step towards reducing your waste! Your yard waste should be a good mix of brown and green materials. 

Pizza boxes can absolutely be a part of that waste and will contribute to the “brown” part. 

Can pizza boxes go in the compost bin?

If you have a green bin, that’s usually the best place for biodegradable waste, including pizza boxes. 

However, every county and city has different composting regulations, so be sure to check with your local municipality first! 

How long does it take for pizza boxes to degrade?

It essentially takes a month and a half for pizza boxes to degrade. 

The length of time is different depending on where it’s composted. But, it does break down over time.

How do you dispose of pizza boxes?

It might take an extra effort, but it’s worth it to keep our planet green. 

The proper way to dispose of pizza boxes is below:

  • Clean off any excess crumbs from the box
  • Cut the cardboard into recyclable (clean) and non-recyclable pieces
  • Cut the compostable cardboard into smaller pieces
  • Put the clean sheets in the recycling and the dirty pieces in the compost
  • If you’re using yard compost and concerned about attracting bugs, make sure you break the compostable pieces of cardboard down into little bits and bury them in the compost pile

What are the advantages of composting pizza boxes?

Reducing landfill waste is a great advantage to composting your pizza boxes. Plus, you’re helping the natural turnover of the environment. 

You’re also keeping your local recycling center efficient — food waste is one of the top issues in recycling

For the best results, shred the cardboard before putting it in the compost. 

Does composting pizza boxes attract bugs?

Yes, composting pizza boxes can attract a few extra little critters to your compost pile. 

If you’re trying to mitigate this, be sure to shovel over the cardboard and turn it over regularly. 

Also, put the pizza box in the compost pile in as small pieces as you can. Overall, the bugs should be typical and welcome guests in your yard compost pile!

How do I recycle cardboard?

Overall, recycling pizza boxes is similar to recycling any cardboard. 

Lay it flat and put it in your recycling bin after you’ve ensured all packaging materials are removed.  Make sure the box is flat and dry!  

In Summation:

  • Yes, you can compost pizza boxes!
  • You can recycle clean pieces of pizza boxes if there is no food waste on them.
  • You can compost the dirty or greasy parts of pizza boxes in your yard or compost bin.
  • Never recycle a cheesy or greasy pizza box to help your local recycling center stay efficient!
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