Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries

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Today, we rely on battery power more than at any time ever.

We use batteries for cell phones, clocks, cars, flashlights, watches, and so on.

They are a portable, convenient power source accessible to many people.

Some batteries are rechargeable; others are not.

Some are large; others are small. 

The recent surge in EV sales shows us that there would be a demand for battery recycling.

 A question most people ask today is: Does recycling batteries matter?

The answer is a big YES.

As nature conservation is one of the most vital resources, we should strive to recycle everything. 

This includes batteries too.

Here is why: most batteries contain a toxic chemical that can be harmful to nature.

Can you do this at home? No. Most batteries contain materials such as metals that battery recycling centers can renew.

Quick stats on battery recycling:

  • At least 90 % of all lead-acid batteries undergo recycling.
  • Americans use 3 billion dry-cell batteries every year for portable power tools.
  • Battery manufacturers produce 99 million wet-cell lead-acids each year.

If the above is anything to go by, we can see that recycling can save the day.

The good news is, there are many recycling hardware where you can take your battery.

One specific hardware is “Ace Hardware.” But before we delve deep into how it works, let’s answer this question:

What is battery recycling?

 In simple terms, recycling a battery involves collecting old batteries and renewing them.

Thereafter, the battery would undergo treatment and shred up before the renewal process begins. 

If you have a battery for your electric car, recycling it includes sorting it into categories.

How does battery recycle work?

In the past, the main purpose of recycling batteries was the recovery of mercury.

Yet, the use of mercury is no longer permissible in many states.

Recently, recycling has become the best way to cut back on pollution.

Or the best way to conserve nature for the next generation.

This is what we should strive for. 

In fact, battery recycling requires a high-level sophistication of the equipment.

That doesn’t mean affordable machines can’t recycle. 

It means you need to recycle with the best recycling facility.

One thing about expensive machines is:

No matter how costly they are, they don’t always deliver the best results.

Some can process older batteries faster; others can’t.

In most cases, when we buy an alkaline battery, we expect to replace it.

But before we do, we can either dispose of it or recycle it. 

More about this later. 

The process of recycling a battery include undergoing the following:

  • It involves high-temperature-and-extraction,
  • The smelting process is the same as the mining industry.

Recycling plants

At times, recycling takes place in large commercial facilities. For example, in a plant that costs millions to build and operate. But, they still can’t recycle batteries better than Ace Hardware Recycle.

How Ace Hardware does it?

All you have to do is bring in your old dry cell batteries, old rechargeable battery, or old cell phones battery. Ace Hardware Recycle will do the rest. 

What we like most about Ace Hardware stores

Ace Hardware offers a unique service you can’t find anywhere. Besides, store owners can run stores in any way they like. A customer service you receive from one Ace Hardware is out of this world. 

Just one thing, no all Ace Hardware branches operate the same. For instance, while other stores receive batteries, others won’t. Yet, most of them don’t accept lead-acid batteries, only batteries such as AAA, AA, C, and D cells.

How Do You Know What Kind of Battery Your Local Ace Hardware receives?

The best way to know this is by calling your local Ace Hardware store. They will confirm with you what kind of batteries, if any, they accept for recycling.

Types of batteries

Batteries come in two forms: rechargeable or disposable ones (alkaline).

  1. Rechargeable Batteries

Laptops, headphones, cameras, and cellphones use rechargeable batteries. You can recharge the battery many times before you replace it with a new one.

Take your old rechargeable battery to a battery recycling center. You will save lots of money and nature.

2. What If My Batteries Are Alkaline?

If you have a remote for the TV, chances are a battery you used to power it is alkaline. Items such as clocks, baby toys, alarms use alkaline batteries as well. 

They are not as hazardous as rechargeable batteries, so you can still discard them. But you can also recycle them if you want. Would you mind putting them in a box and bringing them to your nearest Ace Hardware?

What kind of batteries does Ace Hardware recycle?

There are different batteries that you can recycle at Ace Hardware. They include the following:

  • Batteries for households. For instance, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and Cell phone batteries.
  • Batteries, Lithium-ion. This includes cell phone batteries too.
  • Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Recycle. This excludes broken lamps.
  • Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes. Again, you can’t take broken lamps to them.

Remember, batteries that are not in good condition may cause a fire.

Even worse, they may destroy the entire facility.

The fire may result in millions of costs in rebuilding a recycling facility.

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