Organic Mini Crib Mattress for your Baby

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Selecting the perfect organic mini crib mattress can be difficult, especially if all the crib mattresses look similar on the outside.

Still, on the inside, they can be very different. It’s essential to adapt to organic and sustainable products to make a better choice for the environment and doing a bit to preserve the resources.

There are so many products that claim to be natural, eco-friendly, and organic, but are they?

Choosing an organic mattress is the environment since traditional mattresses release fumes at an alarming rate.

Luckily people are now more vigilant of who uses the organic label and if it is precisely organic.

A study by the Organic Trade Association found that 8 out of 10 families have bought organic products for their children.

Choosing an organic mattress is the right choice for the environment and the baby.

Conventional Baby mattresses are not made of non-biodegradable material, which can severely have an impact on the environment. Organic.

It can be challenging to choose an organic mattress, but here are some pointers that will guide you by buying the perfect organic crib mattress for your baby. 

What to look for in a mattress for your little one?

Be careful of Greenwashing- Many people wish to buy sustainable and environmentally friendly mattresses to protect themselves and the planet.

It is essential to pay attention to the minute details about the composition of the mattress. 

Avoid Chemicals- Mattresses are often treated with flame retardant chemicals to meet industry standards.

In reality, manufacturers can meet such standards without using toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the Infant.

They should switch to mattresses who naturally meet such standards.

Crib Mattress for Baby

Vinyl Waterproofing- Be mindful of what your manufacturer uses to waterproof the mattress, Most waterproof mattresses use vinyl.

This highly toxic plastic contains chemical additives. Vinyl ( Polyvinyl chloride or PVC) is the “Most toxic plastic.” 

Firm Sleep surface- Always go for a firm crib mattress, as per AAP ( American academy of pediatrics).

A firm mattress maintains its shape and will not indent or conform to the shape of the infant’s head when the infant is on the surface.

A firm Organic crib mattress is recommended for safer sleep of the baby.

Two Finger Test- All Crib Mattresses should pass the standard crib mattress two-finger test to pass the snug test.

The space between the mattress and the side of the crib should not be more than two fingers to move the snug test. However, most cribs mattress comes in their standard size to fit.

Why Choose an Organic Crib mattress?

No Chemical Fire Retardants-

Organic Crib Mattresses don’t use brominated fire retardants because they are not considered safe.

They are widely used in sofas or any other soft furniture where they may be present. The European Union has banned harmful chemicals like flame retardants entirely.

PBDE’s get stored in the human body with every exposure, making them bioaccumulative. 

Low-Quality adhesive 

Why is it a good idea to avoid cheap glue ? to put this out directly, Cheap glues contain a considerable amount of harmful toxic chemicals, and standard crib mattresses contain a massive amount of glue to keep it firm and rigid.

Organic Crib Mattress

Polyvinyl Chloride ( Vinyl)

When buying a crib mattress, most buyers look for a waterproof surface. In most crib mattresses, waterproofing is done with the help of plastics that contain hazardous compounds polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

PVC is the most toxic plastic on the planet. Harmful dioxins are a by-product of the manufacture of vinyl chloride. Dioxins are very toxic to any ecosystem that they may enter.

Polyester Fabrics

Fabrics and batting in the crib mattresses are often made of Polyester. Polyester is not bio-degradable and takes years to break apart but will persist in the environment.

Disposable diapers also contain Polyester, and Synthetic fibers are the most significant microplastic source in the oceans.

Petrochemical foams

A majority of crib manufacturers use petrochemical-derived foams, such as polyurethane foam and memory foams. They both give off a chemical odor linked to allergy development and asthma.

What is the best Organic Mini Crib Mattress?

We have searched through many different products and have chosen five different models to compare.

Take a look through all our pros and cons to find the best organic mini crib mattress for baby.

LA Baby 3″ Portable/Mini Crib Mattress 

A well-designed product, this mattress has impressed several users, many of whom have commented on the quality.

People found that there was no detectable order or any harmful material in it’s making.

The information given by the manufacturer was transparent and informative, which turned out to be very useful for the users.

Users liked that this mattress fit perfectly in their baby’s crib and was firm enough to support the baby. Users had found it easy to clean and appreciated the hypo-allergenic cover.

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  • Made with Soy foam core
  • has a dust mite barrier
  • easy to clean
  • luxurious to touch
  • waterproof back
  • No phthalates stain resistant. 
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Some users complaint about the fitting 

Moonlight Slumber Mini Crib Mattress 

This product is designed with intelligence and has attracted a lot of users. This premium-quality product hasn’t failed to impress its users.

The product boasts a green guard gold certification, which makes it sustainable and Natural Crib Mattress. Many users appreciated that the mattress is dual-sided; it has a firm side which supports the baby in his early.

Many users have liked the cool-get memory foam crib mattress, which keeps their baby cool throughout the night and offers comfort.

Independent third parties have tested and certified this product to give you peace of mind. It provides luxurious comfort so everyone can sleep a little more soundly. 

One of my favourite features is the ease to clean. You need a damp sponge to wipe out any dirt on the surface of the mattress.

That’s not all. The unit is treatable ultra-fresh for antibacterial protection. Hence, reduce the chance of baby contracting bacterial infection.

The edge of the mini crib mattress organic prevents the newborn from flipping. Thanks to the firmness of the edges.

This green guard gold certified mattress is the cheapest on our list. But it is worth the value of your money.

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  • Green-guard gold certified 
  • Hypo-allergenic Mattress 
  • removable cover 
  • Vinyl-PVC Free 
  • Cool gel memory foam 
  • No Fire retardant chemicals 


  • Some users had complained of the fitting.

Newton Baby Mini Crib Mattress 

This Organic Mini crib mattress has surprised its users owing to its quality and breathable mattress.

Its users have appreciated that the baby crib mattress is genuinely breathable and give their babies a sound sleep.

Users have tested this mattress to check if it’s breathable, the mattress has passed with flying colors.

The users have particularly loved that the mattress is completely washable and is free of any latex and harmful material.

The mattress is 100% recyclable and prioritizes the safety of the children. 

Many users appreciated that after purchasing this mattress, they don’t have to worry about their child rolling around the crib at night. This mattress is also easy to clean and wash. 

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One of the most exciting things is that the unit is reliable and durable. The green guard gold certified mattress is ideal for both infants and toddlers. 

The materials tend to withstand the movement of the toddlers for a more extended period. 

The waterproof barrier helps to reduce the cost of buying a waterproof pad for the toddler. 

So, if you have a baby that still bedwetting, then this is a good deal for you. The only drawback of the organic mini crib mattress is that it is soft. This can be risky for a newborn since he can suffocate. 


  • Breathable 
  • Hypo-allergenic cover 
  • Green-guard gold 
  • Washable 
  • Latex-free 
  • Lowest Volatile Organic compounds
  • Waterproof  
  • Vinyl- PVC Free 
  • No fire retardants 


  • Some users have said that it’s extra soft

Simmons Kids 4-Inch Mini Crib Mattress

This affordable mattress comes with a supportive core, which makes this crib mattress comfortable for the baby.

Its users have pointed out the firmness is just right for the baby to sleep comfortably. The mattress provides plenty of support and is GREEN-GUARD Gold Certified and free of chemical-based fire retardants.

Many users appreciated that this mattress is easy to clean with just a wipe and excellent built quality. 

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The mattress has a waterproof design, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The waterproof backing tends to blend with the cotton cover naturally.

The mini crib mattress lacks harmful chemicals that might ruin the baby’s skin. Besides that, GOTS certified mini crib offers a comfortable environment for sleeping.

The dual-sided mattress has a long-lasting use. It is ideal for growing a newborn since the unit is quite durable. It will also help save on the cost of buying a new crib mattress as the baby grows.


  • Affordable. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Hypo-allergenic cover. 
  • Green-guard Gold Certified. 
  • No use of Flame retardants. 
  • Made from Recycle bottles 


  • Polyester fibre core 

Babyletto Pure Core Non-Toxic Mini Crib Mattress

This organic mini crib mattress is a non-toxic crib mattress and comes with a quilted hybrid cover.

Users have loved the quilted cover because it effectively protects the crib mattress. The mattress checks all the boxes of an organic product.

It is free of polyurethane foam, “soy” foam, vinyl, PVC, chemical flame retardants, dyes, allergens, phthalates, PFCs, synthetic latex, and off-gassing material.

Users have commented that the mattress is breathable and doesn’t give off any strong odor which harms their babies.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00HAZS67W&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sustainab0e0c 20&language=en US

The organic cotton cover is waterproof and anti-microbial. The certified organic unit does not experience bedwetting spots.

The material used to design the mattress is stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can use mild soap and water to wash your entire unit.

The dimension of this mini crib mattress organic can fit in any toddler’s bed with ease. It is one of the reasons behind the positive reviews in many parenting forums and groups.

The mini crib mattress contains non-toxic materials which are GOTS certified. it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty to guarantee satisfaction


  • Free of chemical flame retardants. 
  • Value for money. 
  • No synthetic latex. 
  • Green-guard Gold Certified. 
  • quilted waterproof cover. 
  • Non-toxic. 
  • Breathable mattress. 


  • Some users have experienced difficulty in washing the cover. 

Emily Natural Crib Mattress

Another excellent option to consider is Emily Mini Crib Mattress Organic. It has all-natural materials that enhance quality sleep for your toddler. 

The layered materials over the firm innerspring core provide even weight distribution. The aim is to ensure the baby feels comfortable while sleeping.

The most beautiful thing is the wool green guard gold certified mattress cover. It is resistant to mould, mildew, and dust mites. The mattress will not irritate the toddler’s sensitive skin.

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That’s not all. The mini crib mattress does not contain petrochemicals. Hence, it will guarantee a comfortable sleeping experience for your toddler.

Emily’s mini crib mattress organic boasts lots of praise from many parenting groups and forums. Thanks to the right level of firmness that facilitates the necessary comfort.

Another significant advantage is that the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and GOTS certified. Thus, it guarantees the most excellent customer satisfaction.


  • Quite affordable 
  • Has a breathable crib 
  • Offer even weight distribution. 
  • Made from all-natural materials 
  • Free from flame retardant chemicals 
  • Tend to be resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites 


  • Do not fit a crib
  • Prone to the formation of bedwetting spots 

Lifekind Certified Organic Mini Crib Mattress

Did you know infants and toddlers spend most of their time sleeping? Then, getting a life kind organic mini crib mattress will be a great deal. 

The green guard gold organic mini crib mattress has non-toxic materials. It offers a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment for babies.

The most beautiful thing is the 128 coil that offers an extra-firm innerspring. The firmness helps create a surface that enhances even weight distribution.

Another excellent feature is the double-stitch mattress covers. The design makes the certified organic crib mattress to be reliable and durable.

That’s not all. The breathable crib mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Hence, help to guarantee the ultimate customer satisfaction.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004YF8WGG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sustainab0e0c 20&language=en US

Lifekind organic mini crib mattress tends to meet greenguard gold emission standards. Thus, making the certified organic mini crib mattress ideal for infants.

The good news is that the organic mini crib mattress is formaldehyde-free. The food-grade mini crib mattress provides a soothing environment for a sleeping baby.

Did we forget to mention their dimension? The organic mattress measures about 28″ x 52″ x 6″ inches. The dimension specification tends to match all the toddler’s beds in the market.

But, the organic mini crib mattress is not breathable and requires a barrier cover. Going the extra mile to buy a mattress cover pad will prove to be quite expensive.


  • Made safe for sensitive skin
  • Tend to be quite durable   
  • Contain non-toxic products
  • Offers a comfortable environment for the baby to sleep.  


  • Quite expensive 
  • May need a barrier mattress cover. 

Lullaby Earth Non-Toxic Organic Mini Crib Mattress

Shopping for infant organic cotton crib mattresses can be challenging. But this mini crib mattress contains non-toxic core fibres.

The most exciting thing is that the mini crib mattress is lightweight. Hence, the mini crib mattress needs minimal effort to carry.

The convenience happens to be the reason behind their popularity in the market. Besides that, the lightweight feature makes it easier to maintain and clean. Changing the mattress covers can be instant.

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Another significant advantage is that the mattress is a breathable crib and supportive. The firm and smooth surface tend to enhance the safety and comfort of the toddler.

The crib mattresses have reinforced edges to provide more strength and promote durability.

The high-quality organic cotton filling enhances firmness. It also helps to meet the set standards by not experiencing sagging.

One of the most excellent features of the crib mattress is that it is free from allergens. The safety certifications of materials support the health of your Infant.

The elevated cost of the mini crib mattress is due to being designed in the United States of America. But, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • No emissions 
  • Lightweight and non-toxic 
  • Easier to clean and maintain 
  • Tend to be durable and waterproof  


  • Slightly expensive due to shipping
  • Produce crunchy sounds with movement. 

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

 Are you looking for a hypoallergenic crib mattress for your toddler?

Then this mattress is the perfect choice to consider. The crib mattress has organic and non-toxic fibers, which is safe for the toddler’s sensitive skin.

The dual-layer of the mini crib comes with organic cotton fillings for soothing. It also makes the child feel comfortable while sleeping. It is the best organic mini crib for ensuring the child gets quality sleep.

The organic fabric is stain-resistant and water-resistant. Hence, these crib mattresses become more comfortable to maintain and clean.

There is no formation of unpleasant bedwetting spots.

The edges of the mini crib are firm, and this provides additional support. Besides that, these sides are soft and comfortable for an infant.

Another essential feature of the unit is 150-coil innerspring. It also helps to provide support and prevent any potential slip-offs.

The good news is that this crib mattress has undergone rigorous emission testing. The aim is to enhance the safety of your newborn.

It also comes with a limited warranty to guarantee reliability.


  • Has waterproof surface 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Offer excellent support and comfort  


  • Not resistant to molds and mildew  
  • Experience dents and spring bulging.

Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Mattress

This is yet another excellent toddler crib mattress on our list. The mini crib has hypoallergenic materials that ensure the safety of the baby.

The incredible thing is that the entire mini crib is washable at home. Hence, it helps to foster cleanliness when handling newborns.

Besides that, the mini crib mattress is firmer than other units in the market. It brings much need comfort and also reduces the risk of suffocation.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004O6M4M8&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sustainab0e0c 20&language=en US

Another great advantage of the mattress is the water-resistant and breathable crib feature. This makes the natrupedic mattress ideal for sweaty baby while sleeping.

If you are looking to raise a healthy and robust baby, then Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness is the real gem. The materials used to design the mattress are friendly and recyclable.

The good news is that the mattresses’ materials are long-lasting. Hence, it is likely to serve the Infant and toddler until she grows up.


  • Quite safe since there are no emissions
  • Reliable and durable       
  • Easy to clean and maintain     
  • Breathable crib and comfortable
  • Tend to meet all food-grade standards  


  • Quite expensive due to shipping
  • Produce a strong smell like that of plastic

FAQs about Organic Crib Mattresses for Infants

Do I Need An Organic Crib Mattress?

Not sure. Not all mattresses labeled organic guarantees the safety of the child while sleeping. Most crib mattresses with organic cotton use chemicals for processing. 

The traces of these chemicals in the mattress’s fabric may irritate the skin of your Infant. Choosing the best organic mini crib requires ultimate research.

Are Organic Crib Mattresses Better?

Yes. Most of these mattresses have natural and hypoallergenic materials. They do not pose any risk of irritation after coming into contact with the skin. Besides that, most breathable cribs are naturepedic.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe for Babies?

No. Memory foams are soft and warm. Hence, they create an environment that is not suitable for a toddler to sleep.

Besides that, the softness feature can suffocate the Infant while sleeping.

How Firm Should a Baby Mattress Be?

The firmness should range from 8 to 10. Research shows those crib mattresses that conform to the body of the toddler are not got at all.

Is Polyurethane Foam Safe for Babies?

No. Polyurethane foam contains chemicals that can affect the health of an infant. So, it is not a good material for toddlers to sleep on.

Who takes the cake?

With a wide range of mattresses available in the market, finding a perfect one becomes challenging.

There is a wide range and so many models and different manufacturers.

You can choose to spend a considerable amount and get a decent mattress, but when it comes to it, it’s more of personal preference. 

Of the five crib mattress we reviewed, we concluded that Newton baby mini-mattress is the best.

In terms of good quality, reliable, consistent function. Overall, people thought that this mattress was better than the other 5. However, it was a close call because there were a few close competitors. 

The users liked this product because of its breathable design and washable nature. There weren’t many negative comments about this device.

It was well-liked by many people who thought that it does an efficient job and has raised the sleep quality of their baby.

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