How to Dispose Ceramic Plates

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  • Date: December 20, 2021
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There are several methods in how to dispose of ceramic plates. You can put them in the trash, take them to a recycling center, donate, resell or repurpose.  

It’s important to note that not every recycling place will accept ceramics.

Whichever you choose, though, you must be careful and mindful about how you handle it. 

This is especially true if they’re broken, chipped or rigid in some way. Regardless, ceramic is an eco-friendly material.

Quick Overview

  1. Tossing Ceramic Plates in the Trash – the most common and typical method
  2. Recycling Ceramic Plates – not everywhere will accept ceramic plates
  3. Donating Ceramic Plates – ideal to help out the artists in your area
  4. Reselling Ceramic Plates – good for when you have high-quality ceramic plates that are in good condition
  5. Repurposing Ceramic Plates – there are many ways you can reuse ceramic plates for a host of purposes at home

Tossing Ceramic Plates in the Trash

In most cases, tossing ceramic plates in the garbage is the way to go. Wrap sharp edges with something like a brown paper bag or newspaper. 

Then write “broken ceramic” on it. Don’t break the ceramic as you put it into the garbage. Always observe caution and safety. 

Just because they break plates at Greek restaurants and yell, “OPA!” doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your trash can.

Recycling Ceramic Plates

Look around online to see if your local recycling center accepts ceramic plates. 

If they don’t, they may know of some other place that does. Otherwise, there may be a recycling plant that accepts ceramic plates either within your state or immediate surrounding area. 

But, it may be the case that recycling ceramic plates will not be a viable option.

What’s more, even if an area’s recycling center will accept ceramic plates, you have to take them in yourself. 

There are not many locations that will allow you to put them in with the regular weekly pickup. So, be sure you wrap each plate in newspaper and secure them in something like a cardboard box.

Donating Ceramic Plates

There are many kids’ art projects or other artists in your area looking for something like ceramic plates. 

If they’re in good condition, you could donate them to a homeless or women’s shelter as well. 

Just as you would for recycling, wrap up the plates and secure them in a box before you transport them.

Reselling Ceramic Plates

When the ceramic plates are in good condition that you know someone else may benefit from, you could consider reselling them. 

This will be particularly poignant if you have fine china. Here you have the option of selling it to organizations such as Replacements, Ltd or the International Association of Dinnerware Matchers.

But, if you want to sell the ceramic plates yourself, you could always setup shop on something like EBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. 

These can be a bit tedious because of certain rules you will have to follow for shipping. There’s also the option of setting up a yard sale and selling them that way.

Repurposing Ceramic Plates

But, the best method of disposal is repurposing the ceramic plates yourself. 

These can come into a host of uses other than for food and holding beverages.

  • Crush them down into usable chunks for things like gardening
  • Arrange a set of broken plates for landscaping
  • Create a piece of wall art or some other crafty project by gluing the plates together in an artistic way
  • Paint a scene, character or face into the plates
  • Take them to a Greek restaurant that has dancing and breaks plates! (ie another way to donate)

Breaking Down Ceramic Plates for Household Uses

You can pulverize the ceramic into a fine powder. This is useful for repairing the foundation on your home, creating new ceramics from it, using it as a mortar for tiles and a host of other similar things.

It’s not difficult to do this either. 

In a stone or thick metal container with a good depth, place the ceramic plates inside. Although not necessary, it’s ideal if you have a cover with an open hole. 

This should be large enough to fit something like the handle of a sledgehammer.

Hold the sledgehammer with the handle upright while wearing protective clothing, including gloves and goggles. 

Carefully and methodically drop the head of the hammer into the barrel. 

Do this motion repeatedly until the ceramic plates break to your satisfaction and purposes.


Getting rid of ceramic plates isn’t difficult. But, you do want to devise and intentional plan of action for it. 

In most instances, putting them in with the weekly trash pickup is sufficient. 

But, if you want to be friendlier 

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