Can You Recycle Apple Boxes?

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  • Date: June 10, 2022
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Nothing feels more amazing than removing a brand-new Apple iPhone from its box. 

On the same, apple crates can help you carry your fruits to the market when it comes to gardening. 

But what happens to the box packaging when you can’t use them anymore? Can you recycle apple boxes?

The answer is yes! You can recycle Apple boxes since most of these boxes consist of cardboard or wood, which is recyclable. 

These boxes also consist of recyclable paper. However, the adhesive and PVC used to construct them are unrecyclable.

In our write-up today, we’ll teach you how to recycle apple boxes the right way.

 What are Apple Boxes Made Of?

Apple boxes that come with Apple products are usually made of:

  • Plywood cardboard
  • PVC plastic
  • Paper
  • A few metal parts

As for the boxes used to hold and carry apple fruits, they mainly contain wood construction. 

They may also include metal reinforcements, plastic sheeting and cardboard.

Can You Recycle Apple Boxes?

Yes, you can recycle apple boxes as they come from plywood cardboard, a popular recyclable material. 

You’ll find some apple boxes made of wood, meaning they’re also recyclable. 

But you’ll need to ensure the cardboard doesn’t get damp because it will become unrecyclable, forcing you to dispose of it. 

Alternatively, you may have to wait several days for the box to dry properly.

Most local recycling facilities accept apple boxes for recycling. Just check with your municipality to see what materials they accept for recycling.

However, the cardboard used to make Apple boxes often contain PVC plastic, forming their inner walls. 

PVC plastic releases toxic chemical compounds which can contaminate the entire recycling process.

As a result, if you opt to recycle these boxes, it’s crucial to do so in specific circumstances. 

That’s because the PVC plastic inside Apple boxes is not recyclable. This plastic usually ends up in landfills, where it can stay forever before it fully biodegrades, thus polluting the environment.

The paper used in apple boxes is recyclable. 

But it’s imperative to understand that you can’t recycle the packaging’s cardboard and plastic parts unless you have the required equipment.

After removing the plastic holder from the box, you can take the packaging to a local recycling center or send it to Apple for recycling. 

The recycling facility you choose to take your apple box will recycle all the box’s metal and paper.

The paper can help manufacture:

  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Magazine and newspaper printing
  • Disposable cups, plates, napkins, etc.

How to Recycle Apple Boxes

Remember, you can’t recycle apple boxes on your own because of the equipment required for the process. 

You’ll need to get the boxes to a recycling facility with proper resources and equipment to make the process efficient.

What you can do is prepare the box for recycling. Here are a few steps to help you do so: 

  • Remove all tape and stickers or labels from the box. Ensure that the box is clean and dry.
  • Cut off the top and bottom of the box, then fold the two flaps inwards to create a smaller box.
  • Tape the folded flaps together to form a new box.
  • If needed, cut out one side of the box so that it will fit into your curbside recycling bin.
  • Take to a recycling plant or Apple company for recycling.

Can You Recycle Cardboard Apple Boxes?

The answer is yes. Cardboard apple boxes are recyclable because they’re made of corrugated paper. This paper has three layers of paperboard glued together, giving the paper its wavy texture.

Since this type of paper is made to be durable and withstand a lot of weight, it’s perfect for recycling. 

When recycled, the paper turns into new cardboard boxes, shopping bags, and other types of packaging.

Cardboard apple boxes often come with adhesives and ink. 

These substances may contaminate the whole batch if taken for recycling. Some boxes will come coated to help protect the ink, ensuring a better quality of the recycled product.

Recycling cardboard boxes can help reduce carbon footprint by minimizing the waste in landfills. 

In addition, these boxes can get compressed into sheets that help manufacture new boxes.

Can You Recycle Wood Apple Boxes?

You can recycle wood apple boxes to form useful materials. These boxes entirely contain wood, which is a recyclable natural resource.

The recycling process starts by breaking down the wood into small pieces. After that, the small pieces get cleaned and sorted according to type and color. 

Finally, they melt down and turn into new products.

Wood apple boxes are also biodegradable, meaning they’ll eventually decompose. 

You can compost them to form manure to enrich the soils on your farm.

Depending on the wood’s quality, you may take the wooden apple crates to a paper mill, where they’ll get turned into paper. 

Most wooden apple boxes are used to hold and carry apples. 

Chances are that they may not be of high-quality. This makes them unfit for pulping.

 What Can You Do With Old Apple Boxes

Apart from recycling, you can do many other things with old apple boxes. Here are a few ideas

  • Use them as storage for your holiday decorations or seasonal items.
  • Turn them into a craft project – like a photo frame or a storage box.
  • Use them to organise your pantry or garage.
  • Cut them up to use as a base for a kids’ clubhouse, play fort, or tree house.
  • Make a puppet theatre out of them.
  • Use them as a makeup organiser.
  • Cut out some window openings and turn them into a chicken coop.
  • Use them as a gift box.
  • Convert them into a jewellery holder.

Bottom Line

Apple boxes for carrying apple fruits and boxes used to hold your Apple iPhone are recyclable. 

That’s because they often contain cardboard or wood materials, which are recyclable.

Just ensure you remove any plastic parts that the box may come with as they’re unrecyclable. 

They may also contain toxic chemical compounds, affecting the entire process.

If you have any extra apple boxes lying around, don’t throw them away – recycle or reuse them for different purposes.

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